At times this season, I have been left in despair at some of the terrible decision our club has made. However; as they say – the grass isn’t always greener! If you are ever feeling a bit down as a Chelsea fan, just look north to cheer yourself up! It is like turning on Jeremy Kyle when you are feeling a bit of a failure – you instantly feel a whole lot better about yourself!

Arsenal fans are the most gullible people in the world. They genuinely believe that their club is run in a superior way to others.

I really cannot see how much longer Arsenal fans can maintain their delusions of grandeur. Surely now they must realise that they are nothing more than a slightly above average Premiership club?

All they do is sit on a false pedestal, spouting their spoon fed Wenger philosophy and the fact that they have made the top four for umpteen years in a row, without spending millions of pounds on players. They really believe that their foreign owners are in some way better than other foreign owners in the Premiership. The truth is completely the opposite! The difference with Arsenal’s owners, is that they do not spend any of their own money at all! They will also sell any players that become worth a decent amount and then refuse to re-invest the money into the squad. I guess this is a far more honest way for outsiders to run your club? Especially considering the fact that they are fleeced with the most expensive ticket prices in Europe!

For the sake of simplifying the pure, idealistic way that Arsenal FC is run:

  • Charge your fans more than any other club in the world.
  • Sell all of your best players.
  • Do not buy any players with the money made.

It is hilarious that Arsenal fans believe that this strategy allows them to hold themselves and their club in some high esteem. They have swallowed everything their bloodsucking owners have told them to! Essentially, they are happy to pay through the teeth to watch their club scrape into the top 4 each season and then get beaten in the first knock-out stage of the Champions league in February! They get the pleasure of doing this whilst telling anyone who listens that their club is profitable and is run far better than Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool and Man United.

At whose cost is the club profitable though? Arsenal fans seem reluctant to acknowledge that it is most definitely at their cost and very much to the detriment of the success of their team! Chelsea frustrate the life out of me sometimes and I genuinely feel like we are Roman’s play thing a lot of the time. However, at least he is putting his own money into the club! At least he doesn’t sell our best players! At least he buys world class players! He may run the club with a cold heart, but he does so at his own expense!

Arsenal’s fan base is a constant source of amusement for everybody at the moment. Their superiority complex is misguided at best, if not downright delusional! I thoroughly look forward to them missing out on the top four and selling Wilshere to a bigger club in the near future!

At least they will still have their ‘morals’ as they sneer at Chelsea’s success. They can proudly sit on their pedestal with their empty wallets and empty trophy cabinet.

God bless Arsenal FC! I hope nothing changes at their fantastically well run club!

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