What is it with Liverpool? Why can we just beat this middle of the table rabble and move on to bigger things? Everything about Liverpool ticks me off from their stupid songs to their annoying skipper ‘Stevie G’, probably the most overrated player in history. RDM went into this game having chosen Branner and JT as the centre back partnership. This partnership looked pretty secure it has to be said with JT playing like he hadn’t been away.

Although the scousers had the majority of possession in the opening exchanges they carried little threat with Suarez being the lone striker and the headless chicken Sterling running up more blind alleys than me on the way home from the pub. After 20 minutes we got a corner which JT powered into the net passed the hapless Jones. It seemed after that it would be a matter of how many as Chelsea seemed close to over whelming Liverpool. Then after 35 minutes disaster struck as Suarez was tackled and fell into JT’s legs causing our skippers knees to buckle underneath him. His pain was obvious as he was treated on the pitch for a number of minutes as was then stretchered off. Cahill, who was maybe unlucky not to be on the pitch anyway, replaced him.

However Chelsea maintained their superiority and looked like adding to their lead. This carried on after the break with Oscar and Mata playing well and being well supported by Mikel and Rami. Nando tried hard, as did Hazard, but neither had great games. As the game progressed you had the feeling that one wasn’t going to be enough and, sure enough, with about fifteen to go, our chipmunk friend Suarez seized on a Carragher flick on and scored from close range with no one around him. There then followed a short period of Liverpool domination where we looked a bit shaky.

RDM replaced Oscar with Moses, a strange shout for me, and took off a rather unhappy Torres for an equally ineffective Sturridge. There were a couple of efforts from both sides as the game concluded and ‘Fergie’ Webb brought the game to a close. So another frustrating draw to a lower team and another example of much we need a striker in the winter window. Nando tries hard and looked good in the early stages but becomes frustrated too quickly and loses heart. We don’t need to spend silly money but just need to bring in someone who can score goals. Imagine how many Defoe would score playing for us? So a nice proven goal scorer for Xmas please Roman.

The back four looked solid with Cesar fitting in nicely and the engine room of Mikel and Rami was effective but only two of the four forward players were really on it today in Oscar and Mata. As for Liverpool? Well mid table mediocrity follows as Gerrard goes backwards.

The recent graphic showing Liverpool as bottom without the assists and goals of Suarez looked very true today. I wonder if we could buy him in the transfer window. Be nice to annoy the great unwashed again.

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