Lucas Moura, a cheaper version of Neymar, a class act, Brazilian superstar, just the kind of player Chelsea need. Those are just some of the descriptions I have read recently regarding young Brazilian talent Lucas Moura.

Pundits and football fans alike have both been speaking very highly of Moura lately, and he has been tipped to become one of the worlds best. So it was no surprise to see that Chelsea were linked with him. Not only linked with him, but according to The Mail, Sao Paulo have already rejected a bid from Chelsea of around £32 million for Moura.

So it seems hard to grasp that today we have heard fresh reports that Lucas Moura is set to join Manchester United, our title rivals. So surely they must have put a higher bid in? No, reports are suggesting that Sao Paulo will sell the 19-year-old talent to United, providing they can come up with more than Inter Milan offered them, which is said to be £20 million. Ludicrous some might say. Why would you want to sell a player for less, unless it was too your own rivals?

Again, another club that have been stubborn about keeping their man, now looking set to lose out on money, by letting him go elsewhere cheaper.

roman abramovich
Is Roman Abramovich now taking a tougher stance on new signings?

I believe with this new situation and the Hulk transfer saga, just proves that Chelsea will not be held at ransom over players anymore, they will not cave in to demands. Chelsea were not prepared to play games with Porto over Hulk, and it seems like they were not about to do so with Sao Paulo either.

A new cut-throat way of negotiating that the Chelsea staff seem to be using, especially this season. They truly believe that they can find another equally suitable player elsewhere, at will not be involved in a bidding ransom.

Prices always rise whenever Chelsea are interested, but it seems that Chelsea are looking to stamp out this theory by not rising their offering price and instead choosing to look elsewhere for alternatives.

I hope this continues.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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