The news of Jose Mourinho leaving Chelsea by ‘mutual consent’ has been breaking over the last few hours and mixed reactions has greeted this from Chelsea fans across the globe. Many people are hugely upset about his exit in his second spell with the club but there are also many who are relieved that the dramatic soap opera that this season has produced, has hopefully come to an end.

It was announced on the clubs official website around 2pm this afternoon after crisis talks were held by owner Roman Abramovich and his board of directors over the last couple of days. Reports suggest that another former Manager of the club Guus Hiddink will come in as an interim before Saturday’s game and stay the rest of the season.

Many are critisising Abramovich for not sticking with Mourinho, who has of course bought so much to the club and won a ridiculous amount of honours there. But it appears that his constant drama, ridiculous after match interviews, staff fallouts and the desire to be centre of attention has pushed Abramovich over the edge.

My view? For me there is absolutely no doubting Mourinho as a Manager, he is one of the best in the world, his honours speak for itself as does his love for Chelsea Football Club. He has always been a character and one that the Premier League seemed to want there, even though he has made our club become the most hated in England.

However, I feel that the owner now had no choice. It has been visibly obvious that Mourinho had lost the respect of the players since the Eva Carneiro incident and then a number of other little things after that. Many of the players for me have grown sick of his media talk, public critisism, the persistence in playing under performing players, lack of giving youth a chance and most importantly the feeling he has that HE is far more important to the club than anyone else, he is the centre of attention.

All of those reasons for me has meant that he lost the dressing room a long time ago. And you cannot sack a whole squad, so the alternative is that the Manager must go. The players are of course being paid stupid amounts of money to give their all every week and although many have, the ones who have not should hang their heads in shame also. But having said that, if you do not appreciate the personality or respect your manager, agree with his views and odd ways, then you are never going to fully have your whole hear in it, its the same in ANY job.

Hiddink will come in as a former interim Manager from 2009 after replacing Luis Felipe Scolari and already has support from most Chelsea supporters, who liked his first spell at the club and enjoyed his ways of working. But Hiddink has not really enjoyed much success after that apart from a few stints with Russia.

On a personal note for me, I believe that Hiddink will mix it up a bit more and maybe even swap the formation, bring in youngsters and play a little more direct. This will please myself and many other supporters and players. We NEED to see the young player being integrated now and Mourinho was never going to do that, which is deep down the main reason why I am pleased he has gone.

I will always hold a special place for Mourinho in my blue heart and I will always fully appreciate and respect him for what he bought to the club, but for me he obviously left for a reason the first time around and perhaps it was a mistake coming back. I will always love Mourinho though even though I am happy he has gone. I do not like his attitude, his personality and the way he has bought so much drama and hate to our club.

The club to me will ALWAYS be bigger than any Manager, Owner or Player. They will all come and go but for me, its the Club I love, it’s supporters and the proudness to say that I am a true blue since 1988 and I always will be.

Goodbye and a huge thank you Jose Mourinho, a Chelsea legend.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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