Touching back on a subject that I have written about previously within this season and last, I find myself yet again going to print with another article about our Brazilian midfielder Oscar and how I do not understand why he is not playing in a deeper midfield role, where he would be more naturally suited and comfortable.

Watching him on Thursday evening in his National side’s victory over France, once again I saw the far too familiar Oscar panicking in advanced positions, failing to create and often passing backwards. Not the key signs of a class number ten. He’s been like this again for Chelsea this season thus causing supporters to lose faith in him, sparking cries that he is simply not good enough for Chelsea. I disagree with that, I feel that we simply have a centre midfielder playing out of position slightly.

He has all the tendencies, skills and talent of a great centre midfielder as part of the pivot. He would sit perfectly next to Nemanja Matic, where he will have more time and space, allowing him to utilise his creative vision from deep. He is calm and slow on the ball, perfect for that role when we need to control the game and keep ball. He is also affective defensively, more so than Cesc Fabregas in that area. He has grown stronger physically and I really cannot understand why on earth he is not playing in the deeper role.

Oscar has a decent finish and long range shot on him, that would surely be used better coming from deep, arriving late unmarked just as Frank Lampard used to do so well? There is no reason why Oscar cannot be effective at that also if he’s arriving unseen.

To me it’s a no brainer. Fabregas is more comfortable and affective in an advanced role as he’s recently stated himself, Oscar would be better in the deeper role, switch them over and I feel we’ve got a winning formula. And I’m not the only one who feels this way, taking to Twitter the following Chelsea supporters had this to say on the matter….

Nasri Eric Majdalani (Follow him on twitter @nasrimaj) says “Oscar is a great player who needs to be managed. Oscar in the pivot and Cesc in the front 3? If it works then why not? Although Oscar offers a lot going forward”.

Bradley Kleyn (Follow him on Twitter @wiseup11) “Oscar played consistently without a break in the Olympics and World Cup and at his age just needs a rest. However, needs to step up”.

Alexander Bentil (Follow him on Twitter @alexbentil) “His form dips too often unlike Hazard. Better tackler than his frame suggests and he needs to play deeper in a double pivot or 4-3-3. He needs to learn that every goal is a goal. He always wants to go for the Spectacular at least in Chelsea colours. With the football Mourinho plays there is no room for a proper number 10 hence the sale of Mata. Oscar is different because he can drop deep. He needs to adapt his game more or if signings like Pogba come he will be a bit part player”.

Jamie Searle (Follow him on Twitter @lordzola25) “Oscar should play along side Matic, he can dictate from a deeper role. He gets lost further forward”.

Tom Darlison (Follow him on Twitter @TomDarlison2) “As I’ve said before totally agree with you. Should try him in a deep role. Could be a Alonso/Pirlo type player given the chance, also his defensive work is better than Fabregas so they could swap roles”.

Even a Manchester City supporter acknowledges it! Deano Hunt says “Oscar can’t play too far forward….” in response to my question to Twitter yesterday.

So there you have it Jose, time to drop the boy deeper. But I guess we’re not the Manager hey Blues!?

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Simon Phillips – News Editor

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