Matic arrives at Anfield
Matic arrives at Anfield

The Independent and Sky News have reported that Nemanja Matic sustained an injury when he rushed onto the pitch to celebrate with his team after their victory over Tottenham.

A clip of the team’s celebration reveals Matic slipping and falling awkwardly on his ankle. As a result, he may be weakened for the match against Paris St Germain which Mourihno has confirmed he will be training for this weekend.

The slip occurred because of a very silly mistake, Matic was suspended from the final against Tottenham but wanted to change into his full kit to receive the Capital One Cup. Since the change of clothes was for show only, the Serbian did not attach his shin pads properly which caused him to lose his balance on the pitch. He was so badly injured that Mourihno claimed that even if the Serbian star had not been suspended from a second match following his push on Ashley Barnes, he still wouldn’t have played.

The player received criticisms on Twitter as fans felt that it was unfair to wear a full kit to celebrate a game that he had been suspended from. The feeling was that he was claiming glory for a match which he hadn’t actively contributed to.

This can be considered a little harsh; although Matic did not play in this final match, he did contribute to the victory as a whole. Undeniably, he has had an excellent season and has propelled Chelsea’s outstanding defence throughout. All in all, Mactic has been well worth the £21 million Chelsea paid for him last January. Moreover, the suspension itself was very contentious. Ashley Barnes got off scot free whilst the FA made Mactic pay the price. There is nothing bizarre about wanting to celebrate a victory with your team after such a win.

Despite this, his absence from recent games has caused bookmakers and betting advice platforms to speculate about the impact on the Blues. However, even though there was some uncertainty before the first of the two games he was suspended from; winning the cup has settled all concerns.

Chelsea is certainly is good shape but Mourinho and Chelsea fans are still delighted that he will be back on the pitch next week.

We just hope that he will fully recover in time.



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