This season had been a write off many weeks ago and the best we could hope for was top 6 finish. Since Jose Mourinho leaving and Guus Hiddink re-joining, I had some faith restored that the new man might just do what is exactly needed at this club right now, a big shake up, fresh legs and the deadwood gone.

We were lucky to win the title and did it parking the bus. Of course I loved winning the Premier League but it did label our Manager as ‘The Boring One, which is hugely ironic as many of these people were supporters of Manchester United – who now of course want the Boring one as their own Manager.

We have been poor for the second half of last season and all this season. I have penned my frustrations of Mourinho sticking with the same out of form, passion-less and ‘lost it’ players every week. Agree or disagree with his sacking, their must have been a relief to think that the new guy coming in will surely shake it up, as this is what we can ALL see needs to happen.

So Hiddink comes in with his new ideas, fresh plans and determination to succeed?……. Nope, he picks the exact same team two weeks in a row that Mourinho would have picked with a couple changes, pretty much. Bang goes my hope and my new restored faith. Hiddink in fact has no new ideas or plans to freshen up this abysmal and lacklustre team. So once again, the absolute miracle best we can now look for is still top 6 and we have to get a huge amount of luck to get that with this same eleven players.

How on earth any Manager is still picking Branislav Ivanovic is beyond belief and preferring to play one of the best right backs in world football, at left back! Baba Rahman has shown real potential but is not getting the deserved chances he needs. Ruben Loftus-Cheek the absolute same situation, he must be wondering what the hell he needs to do to break in to this side when he is watching the lowly performances of Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas. And wingers Bertrand Traore and Kenedy will much be thinking the same of the under performers in front of them.

Yes I totally appreciate that Hiddink might be wanting to make these judgements for himself and seems to have some belief that these players will change over night, but quite frankly the reality is, they are dead-wood, all bar a small handful.

If Hiddink has been watching all season, then why on earth has he not changed things up, bought in some youth and freshened up this dull team? Why did Roman Abramovich not negotiate his plans whilst recruiting him as surely even he can see this team needs shaking up?

My fears are that if this continues, we will only be fighting relegation for the rest of the season. We need someone to step up with balls now and change things around, try a new formation because this one clearly is not working and the same set of players clearly are not performing. It is a perfect opportunity for an Interim Manager to do this as he has nothing to lose, this is what the fans expected. A lot like Roberto Di Matteo did in the Champions League winning team, by moving Ryan Bertrand to a more advanced position for example, trying something out of the ordinary and reeping the results. We need a guy to step up with no fear, go out to win games and stop pussy footing around.

I liked Hiddink the first time around and I thought that the decision to bring him in was decent when you looked at what the other options were. But I am afraid Mr Hiddink seems to be trying to Coach, mentor and counsel the same players who have been poor for well over a season now. This simply will not work. Get players in there who have a point to prove, a want and need to play for Chelsea Football Club and a raw passion to fight for every single ball, like this current Leicester City side are doing. Throw Patrick Bamford in the mix, he has talent and he will damn sure show more desire than any other player out there right now. Stop picking players by their name or reputation – they simply are not good enough.

Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet – @cfcneteditor


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