Unfortunately due to completely under estimating the take up of tickets for tomorrows FA Cup tie versus Coventry I’m unable to attend the game. For all of you that are attending I’m sure it will be a great day out and hopefully a win.

I have been to several games at Highfield Road and I can’t recall too much many good games. What I can remember from one visit is the pub and car park that used to be directly outside the away end. They used to charge £1 for admission. On this particular occasion we hit the pub at around 11:45 and to say that I had too much alcohol was an understatement. By 14:45 I was legless and pot less. I’d completely forgot that we were there to go to the football and spent all my money on beer during that three hour session. I had to borrow the money from a mate to get into the stadium.

As we left the pub to cross the road one of the guys I was with stepped of the pavement and the momentum of putting his foot from path to road made him stumble into some local policemen who already had an eye on us. “Have you been drinking?” asked one to my mate. The question seemed to fall on deaf ears but after a pause of what seemed like a minute my friend said proudly “Nope, I’ve been in the pub”. The copper seemed to respect the guy’s honesty and said “On your way then” or something similar. We were lucky to be allowed to progress as there were quite a few Chelsea fans being walked up and down the road in an effort to get a little more sober before entry in the ground.

We had decided to get a seat in the ground as opposed to awful fenced in terracing behind the goal and after a couple of minutes I was sound asleep only to be woken when pint sized Micky Gynn scored for Coventry. I’m sure I went back to sleep until half time. Without looking it up I think the result finished one nil and as was the norm 20 years ago the whole day was enjoyable apart from the football.

One other time I recall was during a rugby world cup between England and someone else. Because of this we had to be in Coventry for an 11:30 start to give football fans an opportunity to watch the game. We stopped in Northampton to watch the match but the atmosphere between the football fans and the local rugby boys wasn’t too good so we left before the end. I’m sure England lost anyway.

Anyway enough of my memories Have a great day if your going and I look forward to seeing the 5,200 of you bouncing for kick-off. I’ll certainly be there in spirit.

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