Building work at Newcastle meant that only 800 Chelsea fans could travel to this game. After losing out in the bun fight for tickets the beam back at the Bridge was the next best option. At least there was no danger of getting tear-gassed here.

Chelsea started brightly with patient build-up play backed up with good passing and movement. This culminated in Poyet beating two defenders to head home Morris’s fine cross.

It may be unfair to judge sat in front of a television set hundreds of miles away but the locals seemed strangely quiet. They only came to life when having a pop at Chris Sutton.

Newcastle enjoyed early pressure in the second half but it fell well short of being an onslaught. They only looked dangerous from corners and high balls while Chelsea relied on counter attacks.

Once the points were safe, thought turned to how to spend BSkyB’s millions investment. We could get four more Chris Suttons with that.

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