Good Morning Blues and welcome to Thursday’s News Updates from CFCnet, where we take a look at the latest Chelsea news, transfer rumours and anything else surrounding the club.

First of all, some interesting reports coming from Spain are suggesting that Antoine Griezmann’s proposed move to Chelsea is likely to happen and could involve Diego Costa going the other way.

Terry Gibson, a Spanish football expert, had this to say to Sky Sports

“If you were Griezmann and in any way interested in going to the Premier League, then you would still look upon a club like Chelsea as an attractive proposition, I do not think does depend on Chelsea finishing in the top four. It is being talked about a lot and from the outside there is surely a swap there with Griezmann and Diego Costa somewhere along the line”.

Gibson however, thinks Chelsea will have to wait until next summer for the transfer to go ahead.

“I do not expect that to happen in January as that does not suit either club, because if they are both in the Champions League then they will have a player they cannot use. So Griezmann will stay put until the summer.”

Meanwhile, the rumours are doing the rounds that Chelsea are also joining the hunt to sign Real Madrid winger James Rodriguez. Another one that apparently will not happen until the summer but Rodriguez has grown frustrated with life under Rafa Benitez and could be looking for a move away from Spain, according to website Don Ballon.

I struggle to believe that either of these will happen (although Griezmann is a lot more likely) without Chelsea having Champions League football. A top Four finish for Chelsea will be a real struggle now, but of course still do-able and they have also just advanced to the next stage of the Champions League. If we are to bring in the big named players on our short-list, we need to work hard now for the rest of this season.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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