So within half an hour of our article going up reporting the Oscar deal was all but over, Sky Sports have now reported that it is actually now a done deal within the last 15 minutes. Allegedly Internacional have accepted a £25 million offer from Chelsea and the deal looks set to be completed. Although at the time of writing, Sky have not provided a source for this information, but I’m sure they will be backing it up with one within the hour.

Oscar’s agent had claimed that chelsea would not be coming back in an improved offer to the rejected £20 million, but clearly he did not fully know Chelsea’s intentions, as now they have come back with the £5 million extra that looks set to secure the deal.

The only conclusion I can come up with here is that Chelsea were playing their cards close to their chest, and the agent of Oscar was understood to believe that Chelsea were not going to offer anything more for the player, but it seems like Roman was using his ‘poker face’ and has come up with the extra 5 million, just when we all thought the deal had collapsed.

My only other conclusion is that Sky had let their work experience lad take over for the afternoon and let him have a go at an article, to which he now caused this mayhem!

Top negotiating from Roman and his officials, I believe Internacional wanted more than £25 million for Oscar, but they have seen sense and met halfway.

I’ll now await another report in the next hour suggesting that the deal is actually not done and we’re now moving in for Emile Heskey, as nothing would surprise me now!

I’m off for a lie down and to hibernate for a while!

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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