Didier Drogba scores for Chelsea in a Champions League fixture
Didier Drogba scores for Chelsea in a Champions League fixture

On Tuesday night it is the return of the Champions League and the return of Didier Drogba. After the first leg against an eventual solid Galatasary side, Chelsea are coming into this game coming off the back of a 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa and being England’s only real hope of an English side in the Champions League Quarter finals.

Despite Galatasary’s team full of experienced top players, they are struggling to find any real consistency and flow in their domestic league. Their latest bump came on Friday when they drew to a mid-table side and did not really look like breaking their opposition. That is their tenth draw in the league, which in a league that consists of only three main teams if an amount that will not win you the title.

Mourinho has recently stated the wish for Friday night football in England to allow our European teams more rest to before competing. Russia, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain all have Friday night football giving their European teams the best possibly chance to prepare and proceed further in Continental tournaments. Mourinho went on to state “I don’t understand why a team that comes from Europe, playing on Wednesday, must play at 12:45 on Saturday. Why don’t City play at 17:30 and we play at 12:45?” and I feel Jose has a massive point here. Having poor fixture timings could be a small factor to England’s dismal efforts in Europe over the last 2-3 years.

So Didier’s return will be one that I hope does not have give him too many fond memories on the field and a wealth of emotion that we can take in before and after the game. The last ball kicked Didier kicked for Chelsea was the one that gave us all that memorable night in Munich. But on Tuesday it is vital the team do not get caught up in these emotions and relax due the love the fans will be showing an opposition player. The starting 11 have to remain completely professional and complete the job that is at hand.

After the Villa loss I cannot help but cry out for Schurrle to start the top as our main striker. Sometimes watching Torres play is so dire it feels like we are playing with 10 men, I don’t know why Mourinho persists playing him. Jose has managed to sell Mata, sideline Cole, why can’t he fade out Torres?

Although Galatasary have some top draw players in their side, I do think they don’t have that togetherness or passion for each other to be able to beat us on Tuesday. If whoever plays upfront for us plays well, then I can see a comfortable win; but if we see another lacklustre performance from our forward then I can see the tie going a longer distance then necessary. Either way I see Chelsea in the Quarter-final draw hopefully getting Olympiakos.

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