The 2-1 defeat in Moscow was a comedy of calamitous errors, with Paul Robinson finally bringing his domestic form onto the international stage, and Steven Gerrard missing an opportunity to surely settle the game that most of our grannies would have put away in their sleep.

Once England had conceded the equalising goal, they needed grit and determination, they needed to show the guts and drive that embodies our nation. At times like that, when it starts to go against you in some far flung corner of the globe and you have to dig deep and get a result, you need your captain to lead by example and drive the team onwards. So where then, was Steven Gerrard?

In this past international week, England has been a curse for our boys in blue. Ash Cole is out for a good few months, Terry’s damaged his knee and Joey Cole was also injured in the match. Then of course, there is the completely idiotic booing of Frank Lampard as well – a practice which surely only the most ardent Sun reading dimwit could see as funny, or helpful in any way.

Maybe it’s time the boo Lampard brigade turned their attentions to someone else. The man who really did let them down when they needed him most, the man who’s only magic on the pitch was that of his vanishing act during the 90 minutes they were expecting him to help realise their dreams.

It’d still be idiotic, but at least there would be some sort of understandable reasoning behind it.

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