Much has been made of Manchester City’s blistering start to the season and rightly so, they look as fit as ever and as determined as ever but they only look so good because the Champions have had an indifferent start but that was before the key signings of Pedro and Rahman were made, before the Blues gained proper match fitness, before they realised just how much of a fight was on the cards.

There is no doubt that Pedro brings an extra dimension to the Blues and a bucket load of quality as shown in his debut performance but he also brings an extra hunger an energy into what was quickly looking like a bored, tired and under-ambitious line up. Baba Rahman brings competition for places in the backline especially as Ivanovic and Terry are putting up rather lacklustre performances.

Almost every critic has failed to note that Chelsea players had the longest holiday of all the Premier League teams and thus least time to gain fitness. Less time to work on new tactics and with no new players, it was always going to be a tough start but all that has passed. The team can certainly look forward, look to a title challenge and covering the gap that Manchester City have created.

Contribution from Kudzai Mahwite

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