The modern ‘Battle of Stamford Bridge’ was gloriously won in October, 2011 – with the CPO chairman Richard King’s head placed on a spike (metaphorically at least), when he was forced to resign the next day amid great swathes of shareholder anger.

It was widely felt that he and his board had willingly facilitated the dubious and insulting proposal from the club, which amounted to little more than a back door land grab, potentially netting them millions in property redevelopment, and leaving CFC playing their football…….. God knows where !

If a leader in the original battle of Stamford Bridge had showed such contempt and disloyalty to the men in his company back in 1066, no doubt he would have quite literally found himself skewered on a spike, preferably in a similar manner to the infamous great Viking himself !

But nearly 1,000 years on, and in what most would say ‘more civilised times’, over 600 men went to mow, that October day – and although i didn’t see any dogs present, i did witness one of those beautiful rare occasions when democracy enables the ordinary man (and women) to win out over unjust big business – It was as exhilarating as that ‘FAMOUS great goal in the San Siro’.

‘Oh Dennis Wise’ is now a director of CPO – and we trust will be as tenacious and loyal for CPO as he was for CFC, brought in by that stalwart of the company Steve Frankham – original chairman of 9 years successful standing. Both these gentlemen’s past records speak for themselves, although i do have to wonder at the decision to tolerate the tainted directors still at large from the previous board ! I for one will be voting against the re-election of Robert Sewell and Richard Glanvill to the new board – i just find the part they so passively and obligingly played in the EGM debacle unforgivable !

Despite holding some sympathy for Mr Glanvill based on his past reputation, my anger is also doubly compounded by the fact that not only does he not qualify to be a director according the CPO company articles due to being in the pay of the club, but he never bothered to buy a share at any stage either, which has also been a pre-requisite of the company since 2006 !

Another resolution i can not possibly support is further authority to sell yet more shares – particularly whilst the uproar over the previous sales has still not been addressed. Not only did the former board knowingly ignore their remit from shareholders and continue to sell 2 or 3 times what they had authority to for the year, but they also chose to keep selling them well after the clubs proposal went public, allowing the opportunity for large scale vote manipulation !

If we are to believe what we read on various internet sites, over 2,000 of the 3,569 votes cast in favour of the clubs proposal were purchased during that period in October, in large tranches of up to 100 (costing £10k each) by wealthy ‘friends’ of the club, apparently with the national press keenly still sniffing around the story as i speak !

Two resolutions i am keen to support however, are the expansion of the board from 5 to 7 directors – to broaden its scope and impartiality, something i and many others had previously called for, and the re-election of Richard ‘Gray’ Smith, the lawyer who spoke so well from the floor of the EGM he was subsequently seconded to the board by the new chair.

Finally, i would urge all shareholders to mobilise once again for this meeting next week – it is important for the future direction of CPO, because if things just stay as they are, the club will be able to put a new proposal at some stage and potentially encourage more unknown wealthy individuals to in effect ‘buy’ the vote from under the feet of the ordinary supporter. So come along as the 600 did in October, or if that is not possible vote by proxy !

CFCnet have asked me to stand proxy for any shareholders who require it again for this meeting, as i did previously for their readers from Ireland to Germany – and am happy to do so again. Simply put my name DAVID SPRING in the nominated proxy box on the PROXY FORM sent out to you, sign and date the back and post well before the last day of the 18th. I will be voting as detailed above but if you wish to differ from that for any of the resolutions just place your ‘x’ accordingly and your vote will be registered as such. Please also TEXT me your FULL NAME and SHARE NUMBER/S on 07587008354 so i can check your votes were registered by the Electoral Reform Services.

Don’t forget, you can always change your proxy nomination at any time by sending an updated version, or by turning up yourself on the day, but what ever you do – vote !

Otherwise the glorious victory as at the original battle of Stamford Bridge, will be undone by the following battle of 1066 – let’s not repeat that.

One man went to mow !

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