Chelsea’s magic Brazilian Oscar Dos Santos has been an instant hit amongst the Chelsea faithful since joining in the summer and there has been much debate as to where his best position is for The Blues.

Oscar is the type of boy who would have grown up with a ball permanently at his feet, kicking it around all day long. Football is in his blood, you can see on his face that he is only ever perfectly happy when he is out on that pitch.

A gifted prodigy, the baby faced midfielder is lucky enough to be blessed as a natural football player, it is nothing he has learnt, the ball will naturally stick to his feet and he has that vision, that mindset, the composure and skill to be one of the best players of his generation.

Starting his Chelsea career he has been asked to play as a winger, as a number 10 behind the front man, as a central midfielder and even as a holding midfielder. So in these early stages, where has he looked most comfortable? I believe he has looked comfortable wherever he has been asked to play, but I feel he can grow in to being one of the best deep lying midfielders in the world.

Perhaps not right now, but once he has grown in stature and physically, I truly feel that Oscar can be a great deep lying play maker. Similar to your Andrea Pirlo’s or your Xabi Alonso’s. I feel a successful midfield will always contain a battling ball winning midfielder, alongside and deep play maker. In this current Chelsea side, I believe this would work.

Oscar doesn’t yet have the strength to play in that role, but within a year, he will have it. He has the vision, creativity, passing ability, reads the game well, pace, skill, control and the confidence to be able to be very successful in that role and really pin it down as his own. With his ability to read the game, he can learn to become good at making interceptions. He can be rash in a challenge, but with his timing and decision making growing day by day, this will become better.

Currently, Oscar plays best in that number 10 role, but unfortunately for him and fortunately for us supporters, Juan Mata has nailed down that role as his own, and he’s doing it well. Oscar however, will have the same results in time, when he makes that deep lying play maker role his own.

He certainly isn’t a winger, he is wasted out there and doesn’t enjoy beating a defender and heading to the by-line. He can also be quite over-imaginative whilst playing in the number ten position, which causes him to over pass and lose the ball. No, for me, he is growing in to one of the best deep lying pivot midfielders that we will ever see, one to rival Pirlo and Alonso.

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