Here at CFCnet we have been asked a number of times, our views about Oscar Dos Santos, so I have decided to compile a short profile for the player, take a look at where he will fit in to Chelsea, whether he’ll suit our playing style, and what the supporters can expect to see from this exciting Brazilian play maker.

Name – Oscar Dos Santos

Born – American, Brazil

Age – 20 years old (1991)

Height – 5ft 10in

Position – Attacking Midfielder

Oscar is said to be one of the hottest prospects in Brazilian football boasting a superb natural technical ability with the ball, and a typical Brazilian flair. He has impressed at international level and is worshipped at his club Internacional.

For his country he has played 16 times at youth level, scoring 3 goals, and has recently broke in to the senior squad gaining 6 appearances already, and even popped up with a goal.

At Internacional he holds an impressive 11 goals in just 36 matches, a very decent record for a centre midfielder.

He is said to be typically Brazilian, playing football from a very young age, living and loving the game as boy. He was never seen without a football at his feet. Brazil tend to produce these technically skillful players who have a pure love of the game, and Oscar is one of them.

What will he bring to Chelsea? Well, every Chelsea supporter has been crying out for the need for more creativity in the middle of the park. Luka Modric was on top of most fans shopping list, but with Modric set for Madrid, Oscar seems to be the replacement. In many ways, Oscar and Luka play a similar role. Oscar is a good creative midfielder who does all his best work going forward, defensively he is not so great and can be quite light weight, but better strength will come with age.

Will he be in contention for a starting role? Absolutely, he is only 20 though, we mustn’t forget that, he might have to watch from the sidelines to begin with, but he is sure to be a key player next season and once he gets his chance, I’m sure he will impress and work his way in to the team.

What position will he play and how will he fit in? He will play as the more advanced centre midfielder. He’ll be supported with 2 other midfielders lying a bit deeper in behind him and he’ll have the freedom to get forward, create chances and score goals.

What is his style of play? He is a quick mover of the ball, has great vision, is skillful, can take players on and has great footwork. He also possess a very good shot and will score more goals than Modric does. For a 20 year old he is very mature, composed and intelligent. He will look to lose his marker, get in the gap behind the midfielders and thread a killer pass.

What are his weaknesses? I feel that in the Premier League, its often very tight, you do not get time on the ball and the defenders are often very physical. Although Oscar does possess reasonable strength for his build, I’m not certain how he’ll adapt to the way Premier League sides press the play. He would have enjoyed the freedom of the pitch in Brazil, and he will certainly have to work on creating space, strength on the ball, passing under pressure and decision making in order to be at his best in the Chelsea midfield.

He has been compared to Brazilian Kaka before, but I find him even more exciting than Kaka, I feel he has that little bit more skill and is just as affective running with the ball, dribbling past players as he is finding that final pass.

Its certainly an exciting time for Chelsea supporters with an attacking line-up featuring Oscar, Hazard, Mata, Marin and Torres, it’s simply a mouth-watering prospect, unless your a rival supporter, then I feel sorry for you.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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