Well folks, its finally been confirmed, as we’ve said all along, Oscar was going to sign for Chelsea, and it was going to be today. Its been confirmed in the last hour that the 20-year-old Brazilian play maker, is officially now a Chelsea player.

Its shows massive intentions for the European Champions to become a real force in world football, and match the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the attacking department.

Oscar brings a real touch of class and creativity, the type of player Chelsea have been calling out for, the type of player that will turn a game on its head with one threaded pass or long range screamer. He will pull the strings in Chelsea’s lackluster midfield and add a real spark to their play. Intelligent and imaginative, the young Brazilian is full of flair and once he’s adapted to our game, he will become the centre part of the Chelsea team.

Adapt will be a key word this season for Chelsea, supporters must be patient. This transition into an attacking team will not happen over night, and there will be many adapting issues while the players gel with their new team mates and the league’s style of play.

Oscar has been officially confirmed as a Chelsea player today on the club’s website. He’ll now remain in London after the completion of the Olympic games where he’ll join up with the Chelsea first team. The fee is said to be £25 million. Much debate as to whether that is too much, but the way I see it, we almost bought Luka Modric for £40 million, so in that sense, its good business. Oscar is a very similar player to Modric and shows all the potential of becoming a better player than him, whilst being six years younger.

CFCnet would like to officially welcome Oscar Dos Santos to the club. Who’s next? Hulk? Azpilcueta? We’re currently pestering our sources to find out! Stick with us for the latest news, and follow my Twitter @chelseafctbos

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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