The long sleepless nights as a result of the transfer window have started to take a toll. However, that wouldn’t mean a sabbatical, from following all the rumors, like a dog chasing its tail.

As always, I wake up the next day (not morning) hoping to see a news that says, “Chelsea have completed the signing of Hulk, Oscar, Bastian and Schurrle.” I know, it might be possible only in a FIFA or Football Manager game.

So what is the latest on Oscar?

Nothing that would send a fan’s Serotonin levels off the scale. Researching various sources and websites, I’ve found out that the Oscar deal is far from done. That is not what the Daily Mail had reported a few days back. They claimed the deal was done and dusted. Not the case.

Whilst I was in the middle of writing this update, Paulo Freitas, a Sky Sports Correspondent from Brazil, has updated the Oscar news as well.

The latest is that, Giovanni Luigi, president of Internacional, spoke to Radio Gaucha in an interview. He has admitted that Chelsea are interested in Oscar. However, no official bids have been placed. Apparently, an inquiry was made via e-mail about a possible fee. Chelsea seem to have offered €20Million. But Luigi considers Oscar a lot more worth than €20Million.

If one had to take a wild guess, the Oscar deal would depend on whether or not Chelsea can close the Hulk deal. Some experts have pointed out that both Oscar and Hulk deals may not happen. Only one.

Furthermore, there were rumors floating around in Twitterverse, that Porto have shown some positive attitude in negotiations. They are willing to accept 75% fees upfront and the rest later. The ball is in Roman’s court. And with Mr Abramovich using his new hard nosed transfer tactics, it does not look like Chelsea are prepared to pay over the odds for any player, no matter how highly they are rated. A good stance from the Russian.

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