The excitement grows on Friday afternoon as I sit here and contemplate another season of the worlds most exciting league. The Premier League is back and all set to be one of the most dramatic seasons in history with a whole host of clubs looking to challenge for the top spots. The talent in this league is immense and even the ‘lesser’ teams are looking good for a challenge and I expect a few surprise results this year. Below are my predictions for the opening day, not meaning to blow my own trumpet but last season I produced a pretty good average of correct results, but please do NOT rely on me for your betting pools, I take NO responsibility for your losses!

Liverpool (1) Stoke City (0)Home win – I expect Liverpool to edge the first fixture of the opening day, but it will be close. They’ll nick it early and hold firm.

Arsenal (0) Aston Villa (0)No score draw – With Arsenal’s injuries and Villa looking stronger this season, this will be another close affair with a draw the outcome.

Norwich (1) Everton (2)Away win – Everton have a strong squad and have done for the past few seasons, with Martinez at the helm, I expect them to seriously challenge for Europe. Having said that, Norwich have made some VERY good signings this season and when they start to gel, they’ll be up there with the chasing European pack too.

Sunderland (0) Fulham (2)Away win – I think Fulham have built a decent squad this season and could surprise a few.

West Brom (2) Southampton (2)Score draw – This will be one of the games of the day, both sides have exciting line-ups this season and I fully expect former Blue Nicolas Anelka to pop up with a couple goals.

West Ham (3) Cardiff City (1)Home win – I think that West Ham will just be too strong for the Premier League new boys from Wales.

Swansea City (2) Manchester United (1)Home win – United will take the lead, but Swansea will turn them over for the shock result of the day. Swansea will be up there with the best this season, great squad with a great manager and they’ve made some decent signings. They play exciting fast and fluid football.

Crystal Palace (0) Tottenham Hotspurs (3)Away win – I don’t see any shocks here, nothing but a comfortable away win for Spurs.

Chelsea (4) Hull City (1)Home win – The big one, Mourinho’s home coming. I expect the atmosphere to be emphatic and the reception to be the noisiest we’ve heard at the Bridge for some time now. Yes Hull will attempt to spoil the party, but I really feel Chelsea are a time bomb just waiting to explode and will turn over an effortless Hull side on Sunday afternoon and win comfortably, but in true Chelsea style I’m pretty sure we’ll go 1-0 down fairly early, but make an emphatic come back.

Manchester City (2) Newcastle United (0)Home win – A fairly easy victory for City expected here, the Toon will fight but I can’t see it being too much of a problem for Pellegrini’s new side.

These set of results look very good for us Blues, it’ll put us joint top of the league on day one. Wishful thinking or correct positive predictions? We shall see.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor

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