If you have never played a Pick 6 betting game, now you can. FanBet is testing the waters with a basic football betting game, which works much the same way as a Pick 6 game. The only difference is that you don’t need to guess the exact score for each game, only the outright result.

FanBet is running this game every week to see if football fans in particular like the idea of playing it on their mobile phones. The game is free to play and available to fans worldwide.

To play the game, simply visit the Pick 6 Game page and make your picks. If you guess correctly you will win the £50 free prize money, paid directly into your PayPal account. If there is no winner, the prize carries over, much the same as a progressive jackpot game you find at a casino.

In addition to the Pick 6 betting game, FanBet offers a wide range of bookmaker and casino reviews, available by country. You can also see news for daily sports betting odds and tips at FanBet.

If the Pick 6 game at FanBet proves popular, you can expect to see more sports added very soon. FanBet says they would like to add up to 10 sports to the game and perhaps offer a daily Pick 6 game for ongoing entertainment.

Give the game a try and see what you think. If you win you will be notified via email within 24 hours of the round completion. FanBet is always looking to innovate and entertain, we think this Pick 6 game will be a hit.

FanBet will expand the prize money on offer as the game grows in popularity, so tell your friends on social media once you have played, if you enjoy it of course, that is.

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