Petr Cech – 6.5
The Chelsea No. 1 did not have his best day at the office. In marked contrast to the performance against United in midweek, the captain looked isolated and unable to motivate his team. Even though he only let in the one goal, it was one that many will feel he could have done better with. The ball was not too far away from him, and instead of a full-length dive almost past the trajectory of the shot, a calculated fall to his side would have placed him in a better position to save the ball.

Ashley Cole – 6
Far from the lofty heights that he has achieved throughout his career, Cole looked surprisingly average against an overly perfectionist Swansea attack. He failed to track his mark for worryingly long periods throughout the game, and his customary bombing runs down the left to assist his winger were few and far between.

Gary Cahill – 7
Probably the Blues’ best defender on the day, Cahill looked a strong presence in both attack and defence. It was his towering header that allowed Moses to opportunistically put Chelsea ahead, and he threatened the Swans’ goal similarly throughout the day, routinely jumping over his relatively short stature, in central defensive terms. However, Swansea’s fluid attacking build-up play regularly pulled him out of position and made him look a little lost, raising concerns over his ability in Europe.

Branislav Ivanovic – 6.5
The gigantic Serb has long entertained ambitions of playing at centre back. This was not a game which would further his case in the eyes of Roberto di Matteo. Although he did nothing particularly wrong, he did nothing particularly right either. Like his partner at centre back, he did not deal with the Swansea attack particularly well. Much of the Cahill section can be applied to Ivanovic, in that he looked a little bit at sea, but was a big threat going forward.

Cesar Azpilicueta – 6.5
Despite this being his second successive nod at right back, the Spaniard looked less than assured as the game progressed. The he was not particularly good in attack, and not particularly good in defence. Frustratingly like most of our back four, and even our team, he made no errors, just that there was so much more that he could have done to upset Swansea’s attacking rhythms.

John Obi Mikel – 6
On a day when Chelsea were extremely average, the Nigerian DM typified the team performance. In a similar story to the rest of the defenders, he did little to disrupt Swansea’s attack, instead trying to stop it once it had picked up some speed. Needless to say, this strategy did not work, and Mikel’s usual impotency in attack only added to the angst of his supporters.

Oriol Romeu – 5.5
For a second match in a row, Romeu had an extremely ineffectual game, and was propped up by the only marginally better Mikel beside him. I personally don’t think Romeu will ever be on the level of Mikel, Ramires or Lampard, and this match vindicated my opinions. His attacking prowess mirrored that of his partner, and as such left the creative three isolated. He was substituted for Ramires at half time.

Eden Hazard – 7.5
The diminutive Belgian was a distinct threat for Chelsea, and was probably the best of the attacking midfielders. His electric pace and incisive dribbles provided something at least resembling a cutting edge for Chelsea. He tested Chris Tremell several times, the most notable of which being the free kick from which the goal-scoring corner was won.

Oscar – 6.5
Without the influence of Juan Mata to work under, the Brazilian looked lost in midfield. He did not form an effective partnership with Hazard or Moses, and his free kicks were woeful. That said, he did make some promising passes, and looked slightly better on the ball. However, he is still being consistently being muscled off the ball in Chelsea’s half. This will worry di Matteo, and should be a cue for some extensive strength training, if it hasn’t started already.

Victor Moses – 7
The scorer of Chelsea’s only goal, he did not reach the heights of his Capital One Cup performance, but nevertheless impressed on the right wing. He formed an effective, if somewhat one-dimensional partnership with Cesar Azpilicueta and made regular runs at the Swansea left back. The header with which he scored looked as if he didn’t know a lot about it, but in reality it took a lot of awareness, and skill on the ball to put that in the back of the net.

Fernando Torres – 5.5
After looking bright for the first few minutes of the game, in which he had a bullet header cleared off the line, Torres fluffed his first chance, and the £50 million pound man’s performance quickly devolved into the state we all know and hate. His first touch was distinctly lacking in delicacy, and his runs at and around the Swans’ defence consistently ended in disaster.


Ramires – 6.5
Expecting him to provide a breath of attacking fresh air, Nascimento Ramires did quite the opposite. Upon coming on, he seemed to catch the average-ness virus from his team, and although better than Romeu, did not provide the spark RDM was undoubtedly looking for.

Daniel Sturridge – 6
Inexplicably brought on for an enterprising Victor Moses, Sturridge lacked any real creativity, and looked a bit stagnant on the ball, but his pace admittedly was useful in the counterattack.

Ryan Bertrand – 6
Chosen to replace Oscar in order to protect Chelsea’s fragile one-goal lead, Ryan Bertrand did not do so, and did not track the fluid nature of Swansea’s play enough in order to be effective

By Nikhil Krishna

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