Its ask a favour time (again) as loyal Chelsea supporter Gerry Bowell has asked us to try to find someone who will be travelling on the official club trip to the Champions League tie in Italy against Napoli. For those who don’t know, Gerry is blind, hence nickname ‘Blind Gerry’.

Gerry is a Chelsea supporter of some 45 years and is a season-ticket holder at Stamford Bridge. He lost his sight in 1979 as a result of diabetes whilst journeying to Burnley to watch his beloved Chelsea in a Second Division fixture that The Blues lost 1-0.

Gerry is hoping that some kind soul will be able to accompany him through customs at Gatwick Airport, get him to the stadium once in Naples and of course, help guide him back on-board the aircraft after the game.

Gerry is able to get to Gatwick but is desperate for help in getting to Italy as he feels that Chelsea will need all the support they can get on the night.

If you are able to give assistance to Gerry, please contact us and we will forward your information to him.

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