Advancement in technology has changed the face of gambling in recent years leading to innovation from bookmakers and punters alike. The most popular betting methods of 2016 have been driven by competition between bookmakers and the ingenuity of customers who have found ways to exploit the latest incentives.


Sports bettors have moved to online and mobile betting sites to make the most of the advantages they bring. New features like in-play betting and cash out offer opportunities for new betting strategies. Customers are no longer at the mercy of fate once their bet is underway but can change their position depending on how the action unfolds.

Betting exchanges have allowed the punter to play the role of bookmaker, laying bets from other members who are free to request any odds they like. The advent of betting exchanges helped create two new betting strategies which continue to go from strength to strength.

Matched betting is a risk free way to exploit betting offers and make guaranteed profits. It involves placing a bet with a bookmaker to qualify for a free bet. By laying the same selection on the exchange, the free bet can be acquired for pennies and around 80% of its value converted into cash profit.

Money back offers and bet one, get one free make easy money and they have even found ways to guarantee making profits from accumulators, long recognised as the ultimate ‘mug bet’ which favoured the bookie.

Trading covers a number of different strategies and it pays to specialise, certainly when starting out. Arbing is a straight forward method and is the entry point for would-be traders. It involves making a bet with the bookmaker and laying it at lower odds on the exchange.

Scalping requires an understanding of betting trends and specialises by taking small profits as the odds fluctuate. Traders can use the same method as bookmakers, laying multiple selections in the same markets, others are using bespoke software to identify trends and automate trading. This level of sophistication will no doubt continue to increase with popularity of gambling and betting exchanges.

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