The rumours keep swirling and it’s all starting to seem like a bit of witch hunt to remove Maurizio Sarri from his post as Chelsea manager. By the end of this week Chelsea could be through to the next round of the Europa League and be Carabao Cup winners – we will know the lay of the land by Sunday.
A report in the Sun states that Chelsea in sacking Maurizio Sarri would have to pay him compensation for his services, but it’s said that the fee would be the lowest of all payoffs since Roman Abramovich took charge of the club back in 2003.
It would cost around £5 million to part with Maurizio Sarri and an additional £1 million for his backroom staff – owner Roman Abramovich has so far sacked nine managers from Chelsea, with many predicting the tenth will come within the next week.
Reportedly the club’s policy means Sarri will get a payoff worth just a year’s salary instead of the full contract which runs until the summer of 2021.
The most expensive dismissal of Chelsea’s history? The Sun report it was Jose Mourinho back in 2007 – at a cost of £18 million. Of course Jose returned as manager 2013 only to be sacked again in 2015 for around £8 million – a total of about £26 million.

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