After sitting upon his pedestal for the last 8 months, defending his poor little brother against the racist hate crime committed by John Terry, Rio Ferdinand has shown what a complete moron he is.

The ‘Kick racism out of football’ appeal rightly suggests that it does not matter what colour your skin is, it is completely irrelevant! Anybody bringing colour of skin into any issues (and certainly in a derogatory way), should be punished by the F.A.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not in the least bit offended by the term ‘choc ice’ and clearly neither is Ashley Cole. But, for someone who has played the oppressed black victim alongside his brother for the last 8 months, who pretends he is morally superior to John Terry and clearly wanted the full force of the law and the F.A to be thrown at Terry, his behaviour is ludicrous.

To call (or at least endorse and gleefully repeat) a fellow dark skinned professional a ‘choc ice’ for defending a white fellow professional in court, undermines everything the F.A and himself are supposed to be against. His agreement that Ashley Cole was a ‘sell out’ for defending John Terry, suggests that due to the fact he shares the same skin colour as Anton Ferdinand, he was obliged to be against John Terry – the ‘white man’!
The fact that he knows John Terry very well and clearly knows that he is definitely not a racist person, is irrelevant to Rio Ferdinand, I guess!

The term ‘choc ice’ has a clear, accepted meaning among the black community and is a damaging phrase when used in this context. It suggests that there is a behaviour inherent in being black, which is distinctly different to being white. This attitude is clearly far more divisive and far more damaging then a supposed insult on a football field in the heat of the moment.

Racism does not belong in football, neither does any behaviour which undermines the effort of the ‘Kick it out’ campaign. Everybody involved in football has a duty to uphold this and never bring issues of race into matters – after all, we are all equal and skin colour is irrelevant! At least this is what the Ferdinand brothers have been saying for the last 8 months. They are right, of course…. But what they need to realise is that everyone has a duty to kick prejudice over skin colour out of football – not just white caucasians! Rio Ferdinand has just exacerbated a problem he was supposedly set against and has played the victim alongside his brother, whilst clearly harbouring expectancies of differences and togetherness among his fellow black community.

His behaviour is outrageous and I cannot believe he has had the front to stand by his comments as well – the man is beyond words!

I sincerely hope John Terry will receive an apology from the F.A for having the captaincy removed from him based on a spurious 5 second internet clip and some vitriol from the tabloids? Capello should also get an apology for having to resign in defiance. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?


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