Its been a long time since Cavani, Falcao, Rooney ,Suarez have been linked to Chelsea. But only Rooney and Suarez are yet to depart from their clubs while Cavani and Falcao have departed some time ago. Rooney and Suarez now being the only big names with high asking price and wages left in the competition for Chelsea, whom should The Blues sign this summer is the question. Here I’ve tried to answer that on basis of which one offers more:

Rooney: The 27 year old Manchester United striker has found himself in a tough situation since signing of Robin Van Persie last summer. RVP has been the main the man for United since then while Rooney is not. There have been plenty of interests from Chelsea for the English officially. Reportedly Chelsea has also made bids for him only to be rejected by the United boss.

Suarez: The Liverpool striker is recently being linked to Arsenal. Rumours also say that he has agreed to personal terms but Liverpool hasn’t yet agreed to anything. Not even a 40mE bid for him. So, it’s not late. Chelsea can still hijack this deal, Suarez would be ready to play with us since he wants CL action. His wages and his transfer fees should not be a problem to Blues at all. Even, Ivanovic has cleared that he has no problem if CFC signs him up after his biting incident.

Statistically speaking
Rooney has scored 18 goals for United in all competitions in 37 games for United in all competitions averaging one goal every 147 mins. He also has 15 assists to his name. That tells the story. That’s less for a quality lad like Rooney. Even though he was injured for some time, that stat just doesn’t suit him. On the other hand, Suarez has had another good season at the Anfield, played in 44 games and scored 30 goals in all competitions for Liverpool and fell behind RVP in tally of most goals. He assisted in another 13 goals and averaged a goal every 120 mins. Luis scored 23 goals in the EPL. 5 more than Rooney’s total goals of the season in all competition. If this guy’s controversies are to be ignored, he’s one of the best in the business.

Rooney: Experience, holding the ball, long range shots, free kicks, through balls. Key passes and doesn’t dive into tackles. He can play in number of positions as well like CF, AML, AMR, FR etc.
Suarez: Dribbling, through balls, Free Kicks, Pace, Finishing, Long balls, Scores whenever his team needs him to, Two footed, Can take penalties.

Rooney: Weak at defensive contributions, injury prone at times, attitude problems, single footed, right.
Suarez: Bad offside awareness, controversial, loses his calm often, dives often (admits it too).

Rooney can play in as attacking midfielder and centre forward. His main position is of a Secondary Striker.
Suarez can play in as a secondary striker and also as a left winger but his main position is of a centre forward.

Asking price and Wages
Rooney would cost anything between 44M€ to 50M€ and his wages could go up to €2,50,000 per week while Suarez could go from 40M€ to 50M€ and his wages are believed to be around €1,20,000 to €1,50,000.

Even though both are good in their respective positions, they can be played with a CFC striker only when the formation is changed and CFC goes with 2 strikers in the XI. Else our current strikers wouldn’t be used to their full potential. But I would prefer Suarez over Rooney because of difference in wages and at some point Suarez is better than Rooney .

Contribution by Tanveer Dosani

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