Now come on – be honest with yourselves and ask yourself that question; Rooney or Cavani?! The mere thought of it makes my brain ache with excitement but lets look a little further past that, think beyond either of these players lining up for Chelsea and pretend you’re doing your own dream team XI, you’ve got one space to fill and you HAVE to choose between either of them? Who do you pick?

A lot of Chelsea fans that I talk too on Twitter, would take Cavani and that’s fair enough given his goal scoring record for Napoli over the past 3 season but I’ll come on him in a minute. I want to talk about Wayne Rooney first. I said a couple of blogs ago that if given the choice over Falcao or Cavani, I’d of picked Cavani on every day ending in ‘Y’. But this Rooney situation was, at first, the red top newspapers trying to create abit of trouble I think but 5 weeks later, its still not gone away, if anything, its gathered more pace with him linked to PSG, Chelsea, Arsenal & Monaco in recent days. Now, we can look back on his Premier League career from when he first exploded on the scene at 17 years old and made Sol Campbell look like Titus Bramble and if that wasn’t enough, he then decided David Seaman needed embarrassing too. Unbelievable talent! I think that was probably his “Everton” career high because after that he was nearly brought by Newcastle with Sir Booby in charge until Man Utd came calling. A hat-trick on his debut against Fenerbache kind of set the ball rolling. Other memorable goals for Utd against Newcastle & City obviously adhered him to the Utd faithful. But 2 episodes stand out for me. October 2010, slaps in a transfer request stating Utd “weren’t matching his ambitions” which was quickly dealt with by Sir Alex and his was offered a new 5 year deal. A deal that now has 2 years left to run and he has again stated his desire to leave. This could be because Sir Alex has left, it could be because he feels in himself, at 27 years old, he wants a new challenge, he may of seen Robin Van Persie as a threat or that, having worked with David Moyes at Everton, he knows what’s coming. I know quite a few Utd fans and the feeling I get is that he wont be forgiven as easily this time around. Questions about his fitness and commitment this season have only raised the profile of this on-going saga.

With Cavani is not as complicated in some respects. I’d say the most complicated thing about it is the fact his buy-out clause is £53m and by the look of things, the chairman (of Napoli) isn’t going to budge on that valuation. This may work in any potential suitors favour because ultimately, they wont want too keep him if he wants to leave (something Cavani hasn’t actually confirmed or denied) but PSG stuck a £43m bid in for him last night and we’re yet too see any response from Napoli or the player. My concern with Cavani is that, like so many before him, he’s not proven in the Premier League and as we know, we have a habit of buying strikers who are in the “world-class” bracket only for them to fall apart when they pull on our blue shirt. I point to Shevchenko and Torres as examples of this. Things could be different with Cavani, we MAY sign him and he MAY score 30+ goals next season and then we can all round on me on Twitter and remind me what I said about him before he signed(!), but we’ll see. If PSG’s bid is firm, I expect Real & ourselves to come wading in with bids sooner rather than later.

If it was me though, I think I’d take Rooney. like I’ve already said, 3 weeks ago I said Cavani over Falcao, now I’m saying Rooney over Cavani. I’m not saying Rooney is a better player but for that proven goal scorer tag and value for money, I’d take him. Now I know some people wont agree with this but honestly ask yourself this; Can we afford to splash another £50m+ on a striker who then turns into abit of a flop because of the pressure he’ll be under. We’ll all expect (fans, media etc) for him to hit the ground running for that amount of money and I just don’t know if I’d trust that too happen. With Rooney, that element is a non-starter because he has proven himself over the last 10 years in the Premier League, although after all of this, nobody from Utd nor Rooney himself has come out publicly and said “He’s leaving” etc etc. He could have talks with Moyes and decide he wants to stay (again). One thing is clear, we’re in the market for a striker and that shouldn’t be lost on Torres or Demba Ba. Jose has made it clear that Lukaku is in his plans so one of the aforementioned faced the chop. I still think that IF (note the size of that ‘if’) Cavani is sold to Chelsea, Torres will go the other way to work under Rafa again.

Safe to say, this summer is going to be interesting… I mean, Rooney wants to win things doesn’t he?! So that rules out Arsenal, doesn’t it?!

C’mon Chels!

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Contribution by Chris Hamilton

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