What a week. We could write a book about it, let alone a short blog post. But let’s get to the heart of it: Wayne Rooney. When Wazza let it be known that he wasn’t prepared to sign a new contract with Man Utd, CFCnet’s bulletin board went into meltdown.

The $100 million dollar question for us was whether fellow Chelsea fans would welcome the man with the golden touch (and goodwill towards older ladies). CFCnet felt that the Blues long standing animosity towards the Reds would be reflected in our poll yet nigh on 90% of fans said they’d sign Rooney in a heartbeat.

Our poll included representatives from other established Chelsea fans groups, Chelsea websites and even a text via Moscow from CFCUK’s Chels Guevara, perhaps the most infamous Chelsea fan alive. CFCnet knows that if Chels Guevara approves a signing then it’s been given the rubber-stamp at street level, never mind board level.

Our own position over Rooney was more mixed. One ex-editor felt that Rooney’s work ethic and combative style would see him worn out within the next two to three years. As he deftly put it, “Fergie’s already flogged the boy to death”.

As news filtered in during Ancelotti’s Friday press conference that Rooney had signed a new five year contract, the deflated feeling among the press corps was palpable, us included. Before the announcement we were enjoying the squalid theatre of Ferguson and Wayne playing high stakes poker with United’s future, so to see it end with plastic smiles all round was disappointing.

To be completely honest, CFCnet couldn’t have cared if he’d come to us or City. Simply the prospect of Rooney in Sky Blue next to Tevez would have been worth a Sky HD subscription in its own right. We’d have probably organized a day trip to Manchester city centre just to view the replica shirts.

We hope that no Chelsea player ever employs Rooney’s strategy. We’d find it untenable for any player to hold our beloved Club to ransom so publically and we’d prefer the player to quietly move elsewhere for ‘family reasons’. And we emphasise the word ‘quietly’. As Ancelotti put it this week, “no one’s indispensable”.

With that whisper to our players’ agents over, a few words about the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers. We had, as our guest, a Wolves fan down from the Midlands who at the end of the game simply said, “we gave you a proper game and with a potent strike force we might have nicked it. You lot were lucky and I’m going to hate reading about how you played poorly. You played badly because we played well, that’s the truth”.

Whether or not you agree with that, he had a point. In fact Wolves might have had all three with a bit of luck. Essien, Mikel and Drogba in particular had a bad day in the office (Essien’s killer pass aside) and if it wasn’t for the silky skills of Bosingwa, Cole and Anelka we might easily have lost. Pass after pass went astray and our shooting was wayward. Drogba had his worst game for many, many months.

The only real high point of the game was some magnificent crowd support in the middle of the second half and a perfectly executed second goal. Kalou’s starting to look deadly which is a sentence CFCnet never thought it would write, particularly after this year’s FA Cup Final.

Finally, a word of thanks to Frank Lampard who joined hordes of Chelsea fans in the King’s Arms after the game. Ever the gent, Frank signed programme after programme as he sat with some friends at a table which included the fragrant Sienna Miller. Frank even took the time to pose for a group photo with stunned Irish Chelsea fans who couldn’t believe that the runner-up 2005 World Player of the Year was drinking at the table next to them. Frank told CFCnet ‘I’ll be back’ but unfortunately couldn’t commit to giving us a date. Damn.

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