Tired of clueless ex-Liverpool and Arsenal players wearing silly shirts and telling you what’s right or wrong with Chelsea? You’re not alone.

This Sunday night, after the Tottenham-Chelsea FA Cup semi-final, Sabotage Times will be screening the views of fans, bloggers and professional footballers via their Google+ Page.

The programme, Handbags+, will be filmed shortly after the match and will be available to watch from 11.15pm.

Representing Chelsea and CFCnet will be myself, William Turvill, and fellow blogger Ryan Hollands. We’re there to represent you, the fans, and so would welcome any guidance you may have.

If there’s anything you want to be discussed on the show, the topics that aren’t mentioned on Match of the Day, then tweet me (@wturvill) before, during and (slightly) after the match and I will see what I can do.

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