This morning’s papers were filled with transcriptions of Samir Nasri’s latest rant against Chelsea.

Manchester City player has caused quite a stir by claiming that Chelsea is bound to slip up during this season. This French player seems to feel very threatened by Chelsea’s consistently strong performances and he has expressed his resentment very vocally. He claimed that although the Blues seemed like they were the league favourites, Man city still had time to climb up the rank and snatch the cup.

Costa celebrates against West Ham Utd
Costa celebrates against West Ham Utd

Most outrageously, he also stated that the only strong player in the team was Diego Costa. Whilst there is no doubt that Costa has had an excellent track record this season (scoring 12 goals in 19 games), there are many other players who have propelled Chelsea to the top. Most notably, Mourinho vouched for Hazard when he stated that this winger had the potential to be one of the best players in the world. The good news is that Hazard has recently renewed his contract at Stanford Bridge and will continue to push the team forward for the next 5 years at least. Moreover, Nemanja Matic has had an incredible season but he doesn’t get enough credit as a defensive player.

Despite this, the Man City star stubbornly believes that they have a stronger team than Chelsea and that they dominated the game during both of encounters against Chelsea this season. This is a tenuous claim to make since both matches resulted in a 1-1 score, however, Chelsea have certainly out performed Man City in their other matches. We all know that Chelsea currently stands at the top of the league with 59 points while Man City is firmly in second place with 52.

If there was still any doubt in anyone’s mind, the odds speak for themselves. According to Ladbrokes, Chelsea’s odds of winning the premier league are set at 1.09 whilst Manchester City’s odds are currently at 7.50. Since the Premier league is often an occasion for operators like Ladbrokes to attract punters through joining offers, it is important for them to deliver reliable odds once members have joined. Whilst it is not uncommon for tides to change at the last minute, Chelsea is certainly the strongest contender in the Premier League.

Thankfully, the French youngster had no harsh words to say against Chelsea manager Jose Mouriho, although by insulting his team, he criticised him indirectly. However, Nasri openly admitted that he admired Mouriho greatly …

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