Chelsea fans show their support for Chelsea FC
Chelsea fans show their support for Chelsea FC
SayNo welcome the recent statement released by Chelsea Football Club and in particular by Roman Abramovich, for finally commissioning a feasibility study, in relation to the possible regeneration and improvements in and around Stamford Bridge our ancestral home since 1905, which could possibly lead to the much needed expansion of the ground.

In 2011 Bruce Buck informed the world, that every option of staying at Stamford Bridge had been explored and that there was no alternative but to move the club elsewhere. This has now been proved to be an untruth, which is no surprise, because we all new that anyway, as did the local council at the time.

This whole episode was a low point in trust between the club and its supporters, especially as CPO shareholders were being hoodwinked by Buck into releasing their long held shares based on nothing but deception and empty promises. Not to mention the 250k of illegal shares purchased to swing the vote in the clubs favour, which failed spectacularly.

It seems that finally, on the 17th June 2014, Mr. Abramovich has now spoken on this very important issue that is very close to every Chelsea supporters heart.

The feasibility study includes the possible improvements to publicly owned areas along the Fulham Road, possible decking across the railway lines at both the East and North of the ground, which would help egress from the stadium on match days, as opposed to everyone only being able to pour out on to the Fulham Road.

These are suggestions that have been put to the club on many occasion, but it seems up until now, have largely been ignored. (Mr. Buck)

We hope that these studies can now be monitored more closely now that Mr. Abromovich is more actively involved and that it can ultimately lead to the expansion of Stamford Bridge, which is what every real Chelsea football fan wants.

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