Three days after the shock (or was it really a shock?) proposal to create a lottery out of the Premiership. Peter Scudamore has already made a laughing stock of the English Premier League.

Over the weekend, comments from UEFA mocked that English football now has no English players, the England team has no English manager and now we face the ludicrous proposal that we face no English football being played in our county on a English Premier League weekend. Ironically, one of the countries whom Scudamore is targeting to fleece; Japan, have turned their back on any such idea. Quite rightly so. They have their own football league to concentrate on.

Since Thursday it’s emerged that most of the 20 chairman signed up to the proposal would benefit to the extent of around £5 million quid. Would it be simpler to pay less for the TV rights if they want to gain £5 million?

I’ve been talking to many people over the last few days and am yet to find someone in favour of the get rich quick scheme. Oh hang on, there’s one person I’ve heard favour it; Mike Parry from Talksport. A man who is such a fan that he spent a whole career away from the beautiful game working as some sort of seedy small time journalist. A man who always uses work as an excuse not to visit Goodison Park. Until of course there’s a sniff of getting to a cup final.

I hope his colleagues at the station give him the dressing down he deserves and physically remove him from the Everton chairman’s bottom. The fact that he’s lodged so firmly up Bill Kenwright’s nether regions probably has more to do with his support of Scudamores’ plot to take our game away.

What can we do? Well there’s quite a big conversation building up within the CFCnet forum, and it’s fairly easy to see that there’s hardly any support for the 39th game. So can I please urge any of you that have an opinion on the subject to join in the debate and vote on our poll.

I’m gathering together your comments and will produce a report on behalf of the majority of our forum members. So far it’s 84% percent against the proposal. So keep the comments coming.

Remember, Blue is the Colour and Football is our Game.

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