Despite Chelsea sitting on top of The Premier League and standing in the best position out of the English contingent to progress in the Champions League, evidence is clear that they still very much need a striker.

After Jose Mourinho’s comments this week, it is clear that he is unhappy with his lack of fire power and the desperation to land Wayne Rooney amongst other targets, has surfaced even more this week. We failed in the summer and we failed in January. There was almost more panic buys when it became apparent that Mourinho was not going to find his man. So, is he being too fussy? Or is Abramovich being tighter with the budget? Or did the players simply not want to join?

Well, we know that Rooney wanted to join, but Chelsea would not succumb to Manchester United’s high demands, much to the England man’s evident disappointment. Since Chelsea focused solely on landing Rooney, it proved too late to get anyone else in. And anyone they might have found, would have been a panic buy.

Fast forward to the present time and it seems that the Chelsea negotiation and scouting teams are in over drive as the summer rapidly approaches. A name has come up yet again, one you might say has now become The Blues number one target, that man is Luis Suarez. We have expressed interest in the striker before, but Liverpool, like United would not budge and refused to listen to offers. Now Suarez, like Rooney, has expressed an interest to leave before and he will certainly want to leave again this season if Liverpool do not stay at the dizzy heights they are at now. Even if they do qualify for The Champions League, I can’t see Suarez staying. Depending on the success of our own season, this will also be a deciding factor for him. The chance to join The European Champions or even The Premier League Champions, will play a huge part.

Another player who has been mentioned a number of times with Chelsea, is Colombian hit man Radamel Falcao. The striker has been spoken about by Mourinho this week in admiration of the all round target man. But once again, money could be the issue here. It is more likely that Liverpool will cash in on Suarez, if he decides that he wants out again, there is only a certain amount of patience that a Club can have.

I really can’t see it being anything less than a major signing for Chelsea up top this season, especially now that Mourinho seems to be edging towards our lack of fire power as an excuse already. And the season hasn’t even ended yet.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor

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