It’s hardly news that Ancelotti has been looking at Atletico Madrid’s Sergio Agüero.  Reports state that the Blues have been quoted a monster £45 million for the Argentinian superstar who is also demanding £6.5 million after tax.  Or as Gullit used to say, “netto”.

It appears that the £6.5 million after tax is a big sticking point. It’s the same as £11 million before tax or, to put it into context, equivalent to Kaka’s £200,000 a week Real Madrid wages.  JT, Lamps and the rest of the squad are hardly going to sit quietly when in walks someone earning that amount of wonga.  Hence the deal’s stalled.

For CFCnet, the question isn’t so much how much he’ll cost but more whether he’s any good.  Yes, they’re related but the key question is will he perform and knock the goals in?  If he doesn’t, then it hardly matters whether he costs £1 or £50 million. After all, with a nickname like ‘Kun’ (a Japanese manga character) failure to knock the goals in will soon have the headline writers’ drooling.  ‘What a Kun-t’ being the start.

Sergio’s famous for two things:

Firstly, he’s the fiancee of Diego Maradona’s daughter who had a child with him earlier this year.  If Sergio comes to Chelsea you can therefore expect to see Maradona’s portly frame tucking into a pie or two in the West Stand.  With Maradona being the Argentine manager, the words ‘conflict’, ‘of’ and ‘interest’ spring to mind.

Secondly, Sergio was the youngest ever player in Argentina’s first division at 15 years, 35 days.  Hence comparisons with his father-in-law.  Indeed, Sergio’s already played 55 games for Argentina yet has only just turned 21.

But what about his scoring record?

At Independiente he played for 3 seasons but in his first full season scored 18 goals in 36 games.  A return of 0.50%.  Not bad.

Moving to Atletico in 2006, he subsequently struck up a sensational partnership with Diego Forlan.  Sergio’s goal record:  6, 19 and 17.  Assuming it took him a year to settle, his record is basically similar to his one at Independiente with a 0.51% and 0.46% goal per game ratio. As comparison, Frank Lampard’s goal per game ratio is 0.39%.

Here are a few clips of Sergio in action:



So, there you have it.  This kid can play.  Very Maradonna-esque and a tricky little player.  A bit like Tevez on speed. As runner up player of the year in La Liga last year and Argentina’s player of the year for 2009 he’ll no doubt make a fantastic acquisition to our squad.

One concern remains.  The tattoo on his arm uses JR Tolkein’s Tengwar alphabet spoken by the Elven people.  He’s obviously smaller than we thought.

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