In light of Robert Sewell’s resignation today, SAYNO note that it has come just a few days too late for the issue of his replacement to be democratically decided by the CPO membership at the forthcoming EGM.

This is particularly unfortunate as now the board will be limited to just 4 directors to represent all shareholders at this important time, unless someone is merely seconded by the chairman once more until the AGM at the end of the year.

SAYNO would also like to remind the chairman that he had made a commitment at the last AGM to try and regain the income from the Annual Lunch, the Credit Card Commission, and the Club Lottery, which had always raised substantial sums under his previous chairmanship, until systematically gifted away to the club by his predecessor Richard King from 2003 onwards (the same year the club was sold).

If this was not forthcoming, another SAYNO suggestion has always been to raise income by charging a very modest rental for the use of our pitch. Even just selling shares to the existing members – which the board already have authority to do is viable – although we trust this time proof of ID, address, and connections to the club will be thoroughly checked, and the permitted limit of 1,000 shares respected – unlike in October 2011.

The current scaremongering that shares MUST go back on sale immediately is hardly justified.

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