I would just like add my personal displeasure (for what it’s worth) to the emails I’ve received and messages seen within the CFCnet forum concerning Sky TV/Premier League’s decision to completely shaft Chelsea’s away support by moving the fixture against Everton to a Thursday night.  This fixture change has quite clearly not taken into any consideration the travelling Chelsea fans and the importance of the fixture at such a crucial time of the season.

Surely there are other fixtures to broadcast where the distance between the clubs is not so great? Especially on a Thursday. Would they treat some of the other clubs in red with this contempt at such a late stage of the season?

As a member of a family that has three season tickets and have had to miss 3 home matches so far this season to the value of around £400 due to Sky TV I can sympathise entirely with Chelsea’s travelling support. It’s not always about the cost of the tickets it’s missing out on live football for the sake of TV that cuts deep.

As far as reaction is concerned a Premier League spokesman said:

“The compilation of the fixture list is a complex procedure that faces enormous pressure from international match and European competition dates, as well as the need to balance the important requirements of the police and our broadcasters.”

“We are also required by the European Commission to televise 138 matches per season, which brings its own inevitable pressures.”

“Under these difficult circumstances, this date was seen as the fairest that could be achieved.”

You can contact the Premier League by emailing them directly [email protected]

Surprisingly there’s nothing (currently) on Sky Sports about the fixture change and although their Chelsea forum had 112 users when I looked there was no thread concerning the fixture change.

You can contact Sky Sports by filling out the feedback form.

Chelsea FC themselves have released a statement expressing disappointment and offering to refund any supporter who can not make the Thursday night trip.

Everton FC are not happy with the change either and have also released a statement.

It would be nice to see both clubs refuse to play the fixture. Now that would be interesting and I’m sure fans of all clubs would back such as reaction?

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