Watching yesterdays victory over Manchester United on their home turf was obviously thoroughly enjoyable for any Chelsea supporter, including myself. I continued to watch the game from the comfort of my Hotel room in Ecuador whilst finishing off my South American travels.

It’s kind of surreal watching the game on South American ESPN and my smile mirrored the smile of David Luiz whilst lying on the floor, after a kick from Rafael, when Juan Mata forced his scuffed shot in past two deflections and in to the United net. I did not only smile because we had scored but it was the Spanish commentary that made me laugh to the point over hysterics, “Gooooooooooooooooooooooool” he shouted as he then continued to sing a song in Spanish about Juan Mata. It was simply fantastic.

We all knew that the great Sir Alex Ferguson would have something to say about the match after the game, especially after his own player Howard Webb, sent off another one of his players Rafael, at Old Trafford, a miracle of some proportion you might say.

I do believe however that although some of what Ferguson said was correct, of course Luiz made the most of the kick and yes he may have held Rafael off with a little more force than he should have, but that is not the point here. My point is that Ferguson then went on to suggest that it was the European, foreign and South American players who do this kind of play acting that you don’t see from domestic players. First of all, players should control their temper enough not to react to such provocation surely? The red card was his own fault.

But hang on Fergie, I have two problems with this statement. One, are you suggesting that ‘foreign’, European and South American players are all different? Surely saying a ‘foreign player’ would cover continents such as South America? Or am I missing something here?

But that’s not the issue here, I seriously suggest that old timer Ferguson needs to get more in touch with today’s game. Nobody can suggest that domestic players do not play act, dive and cheat surely? If you watch just one Premier League game today you will witness countless amounts of play acting from ‘domestic’ players. I’m not going to name and shame people, we know who they are but for Ferguson to suggest that it is just foreigners that do this is simply ludicrous and only emphasises his desperate and hasty responses after he loses in post-game comments. I suggest next time he takes a deep breath, has a coffee, thinks about what he’s going to say and then go talk to the press.

I’m not saying that diving and play acting is fine, because it most certainly is not, but unfortunately in today’s game, MANY players do it, not just foreigners and even United players do it even if Ferguson seems to be blind to that fact as well.

Also, I will add, I am in no way criticising Alex Ferguson’s managerial record and ability as a manager, his achievements speak for themselves and what he has done in his long managerial career has been exceptional. He is the best at what he does there is no doubting that. It just seems that he might be somewhat out of touch with the happenings in football today.

Finally, Blues fans, I will be back from South America at the end of this month to continue with my ‘News Reporting’ for this website, bringing you the latest news, inside information and researching all the possible summer happenings at The Bridge, so bare with me.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor

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