Just a few days ago we were asked by the new Chelsea “fan mag” Chelsea Chelsea to come up with some questions for an interview with Chelsea and England’s Frank Lampard. So we thought that we would ask some our Club CFCnet members to come up with some of the questions. Frank, being Frank, duly obliged. So as well as having an opportunity to ask current players questions, what are the other advantages of becoming a Club CFCnet member?

More up time: Due to faster, reliable hosting Club CFCnet will be available whenever and wherever you need it. Club CFCnet is now hosted on a server specifically developed for the software that we use and by the people that wrote the software. We also pay for support and advice to ensure that things run smoothly.
Un-moderated posting: No waiting for your posts to show.
Real Time Chat: Your very own private chat room. Just in case you can’t get to the game.
Ticket and Travelling forum: Exclusive to Club CFCnet members. Genuine fans with genuine reasons to sell or buy tickets.
Exclusive Competitions: A half decent chance to win to boot. The competitions are not open to 1000s of people.
Special offers: Chelsea related products available at special Club CFCnet prices.
Advert free area: Club CFCnet carries no advertising.

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