Nick Browns editorial reflects on a “piss poor” start to the season, although October saw a little improvement.

Nick witnessed crushes outside the Shed End mainly down to club members not having enough turnstiles to enter though. The official gate figure for the fixture was 26,000 although the CISA indicates that it was closer to 29,000 with the Shed 3,000 over its 9,000 capacity.

If Chelsea has problems with poor entrances and the lack of operators then Selhurst Park also had problems in terms of segregation problems with thousands of Chelsea in the home end.

There is a potential problem at all grounds with segregation as capacities have been reduced due to the Taylor Report. Reduced capacity for away fans has meant that they enter via the home sections. Already this season Chelsea fans had infiltrated home ends at Arsenal and QPR as well as Palace.

Kerry Dixon was on a fraud charge due to his penalty missed against QPR.

CISA member Perry Gascoigne noticed that Chelsea had wore 4 different away kits in the first month of the season.

The CISA issue an apology to John Bumstead as it was previously stated that Johnny B had gone to Millwall. John had in fact been transferred to Chelsea Reserves.

Fans were also shocked to see that the Sunderland home game was to be a category A fixture.

In a Letter from Brislington an anonymous correspondence accuses the CISA fanzine as being bland and of stating the obvious. (Is this a early piece of correspondence from Harry?)

In fact great slabs of it reminded the writer of Bridge News. He (or She) says that the fanzine should “be promoting and reflecting the joy of supporting Chelsea and the uniqueness of spirit the broad section of support the club attracts.”)

John King reminds us of a typical day out at Chelsea. “In the good old days you could travel to and from Stamford Bridge on a half-empty tube, swill a gallon of fizzy Danish lager in the Swan, watch the Blues play out a boring 0-0 draw in the sleet, destroy your gastric juices with a Chelsea death burger, and still have charge out of a 50 pence piece.”

Vinnie of Hammersmith found the box office to be unhelpful. “They are consistent in their brusqueness and general jobsworth manner.”

Vinnie then went to Loftus Road were the box office is a far cry from the Chelsea version. The staff there are “helpful and courteous, even thanking me by name as they handed back my cheque guarantee card.”

Peter Lawson from Harrow is concerned about the lack of youth coming though. Peter stats that the 1977 promotion team contained Ray Wilkins, Steve Finnieston and Gary Stanley, but not much since. Although in the last decade the peaks were Frost, Dublin and possibly Dale Jasper. It is hoped that Grahame Le Saux and one or two other come though in the next few years.

A letter from The Jolly Brewster asks if the scoreboard can be named the “Kevin McAllister Scoreboard” as both are “bloody useless!”

Andy Conn from Stockport isn’t happy with the ban of the Chelsea Rangers articles. The CISA says that their memberships were “tired about reading about it”. This would be remedied soon as a new fanzine called “the Blues Brother” was going to be launched which would focus on the connections between Chelsea, Rangers and Linfield.

Southall’s S Dhatt doesn’t like Pat Nevin features dominating the pages of the Independent. Especially as he left 2 seasons ago. “Nevin was a good, something magical player, but consistent wasn’t his middle name.”

Andrew McAnulty of Willesden Green is more than happy with Dave Beasant’s performances. “Beasant must be the next England Keeper – he’ll get beaten by the odd lob, but get everything from twelve yards out!”

James Goodden from Hammersmith wants to know who the Paper man is? First spotted 13 years ago in 1977 and still seen in the benches and away games.

Perry Gascoigne from Letchworth tells us that the Shed will close after the Coventry game at the end of the season. Perry had written to the club and Colin Hutchison replied saying that the Shed will be sold off to the public. This also means that all Shed goers will have to stand in the North Stand.

Gary’s Coaches have a piece of advertorial in this issue. Travel to Southampton for £10, Liverpool, Manchester United for £14 and Derby County for £12.

The advert also states that the away fixture at Leeds will attract a high demand so Gary will be laying on extra coaches and adding additional pick up points.

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