Don’t you just love the number of exclusives that are doing the rounds in the daily rags? Each one is certain they’ve identified our new manager, stating unequivocally that it’s one manager one day, and then changing tack and banging the drum for another the next.

So far we’ve heard the names of Rijkaard, Hughes, Scolari, Hiddink, Ancellotti, Van Basten, Uncle Tom Cobley and even Jose Mourinho himself to return, although now he’s been unveiled as the new Inter boss, the extremely remote chance of that happening has passed, leaving those who’d reported it to be happening, looking a tad silly.

What’s clear is that not one person in the media has any real idea about who will be the new boss. They’re all hedging their bets with daily ‘exclusives’ and apparent insider information from any one of Roman friends, or those catch all ‘sources’ at Chelsea, so that once the boss is announced, they can give it their usual ‘we told you first’ clap trap to try and convince you that they know best, conveniently forgetting the large number that they’ve got wrong.

Because of the wall of silence coming from Chelsea, and the involvement of only a few key staff in the higher echelons of the club in the recruitment process, for once, there is no information in the public domain about what is going on in the corridors of Stamford Bridge, or even on board Roman’s yachts – and the media don’t like that one bit.

As it’s one the biggest stories of the summer, newspaper editors are demanding that they have something to fill their back pages, taking the most tenuous of links and crafting it to appear as informed information. It’s not, and the multitude of smoke and mirrors that the media is creating by continually stabbing in the dark is only serving to further muddy the waters of a very dirty pond – and that suits Chelsea just fine.

Far too often in recent years, we’ve been caught with our pants down in trying to acquire either players, managers, chief scouts or other such personnel employed at various other clubs, and it’s not done us any favours in terms of how we’re perceived, with yet another ‘illegal’ meeting splashed across the front and back pages. Finally it appears as if we’ve learned from our past indiscretions as the club seem to be setting about the task of recruiting not only the right man for the job, but also in the right way too.

The stealth at which this recruitment process is happening also seems to be causing consternation amongst many of our supporters too, with reports of dithering by the board and Roman gleefully lapped up by some supporters and taken as gospel simply because of the lack of noise coming from SW6. As someone so eloquently put in our forums recently; Be patient.

They’re not dithering, they are doing their job. This time they are making sure they get it right, and they’re doing it in a professional manner expected of a club with ambitions of being one of the best in the world. Take note, Real Madrid.

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