The second news item SAYNO applauds of late, apart from the return of the special one, is the article on the website ‘Stamford Bridge : The Truth’ Is the CPO Board Guilty of a Whitewash-shining a bright light on the latest shenanigans of the CPO board strangely content to allow the share scandal to prevail, despite a myriad of damming evidence now available to those who wish to find it !

How ironic that CPO’s board previously so lackadaisical as to facilitate overselling the authorised share allocation in 2011 by 2.5 times and then not apply any of the usual proofs of ID and address to numerous multiple purchasers before a buy out vote, is now so keen to protect ‘the rights and privacy’ of those same individuals, that they decline to ask further basic pertinent questions of them !

It’s very disappointing the newbies Rose and Jones have not fulfilled their electioneering promises to ensure proper investigation of the fraud !? It has long been apparent Steven Frankham (parachuted in as chairman by Sewell and Granville) pays mere lip service to cleansing CPO of this problem for reasons best known to himself ! One amongst them even making the rudimentary mistake of allowing their cyber-troll spin-doctor spill the beans across the internet of the boards intention to dismiss the half-baked investigation back on 12th April, 3 weeks before the full board even discuss the matter on 2nd May !? Bit of a give away from those at the helm – particularly as the replies so eagerly protected from general release with barely veiled threats of litigation and imprisonment are even more shaky and full of holes than our chairman’s performance at the last AGM ! It would seem from recent votes, growing numbers of genuine shareholders would prefer he stick to chasing consultancy work and construction of large building projects etc – his profitable day job.

In summary ;
SAYNO REMAIN ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED a 55k+ seat stadium can be built at Stanford Bridge, and cheaper than acquiring land and building a new stadium – even if it were on a brownfield site well beyond the mythical 3 mile limit.

SAYNO REMAIN ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that IF properly investigated a fraud will be revealed by a concert party with connections to CFC and possible even extending to CPO directors as Stamford’s article implies !

We are cleverly legally muzzled from publically explaining why, but If you have any doubts – apply to CPO to see the ‘investigation’ reply files for yourself for free at [email protected] as growing numbers are – you don’t even need to be a shareholder ! but prepare to be messed around and deflected – we are collating a list of those that are ! Read the repeated orchestrated minimalist replies – which tells it’s own story, and ask yourself does this really answer all the pertinent questions including false names, addresses, and well documented connections to CFC ? Would it really cost fortunes to send appropriate follow up questions to those who’s answers merit it – as laughably claimed is the reason to abandon the so-called investigation ? Particularly as CPO has 2 legal professionals on board !

It was also implied by the two fresh faced new directors on joining last October they would be bringing yet another new broom to the party, not least to reappraise the continuing suitability of Robert Sewell as Company Secretary along with his shack – suitably remote from shareholders down in Addlestone, at a cost of £260 per week. (135 shares a year !)

How this inner clique of self-entrenched ‘guardians’ of our company have the audacity to pretend there is nothing more to say on this matter is so ridiculous it could well see them subject to investigation themselves – are they actually that naive, Stamford seems to suggest not!

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