“They played better than us and deserved to win this game,” Ancelotti said. “Also they deserve the title this year because they were better than the other teams”

Did we really expect to win yesterday and go on to win the title? For most Chelsea fans the answer is “Yes”. Do we really deserve to win the title this season? Possibly not.

After our mid-season blip we have done a remarkable job to claw our way back to 2nd and it would have been quite a comeback if we had retained the title, but it wasn’t meant to be.

If anyone had said to the majority of Chelsea fans a few months ago, you will finish 2nd, we’d have been over the moon and bitten their hand off for that but now it seems we are all dejected because we worked for 2nd and could very well finish there.

A number of people on Twitter yesterday were still hopeful of a top place, it is mathematically possible but is it likely? Probably not.

I will happily eat my words if Man U lose both of their remaining matches and we win ours but with the way the Reds are playing at the moment, it just won’t happen. They have got players firing on all cylinders, they work together as a year and apart from the silly dramatics, they are a class squad. (Those are difficult words to say as an avid hater of Fergie and his reds, but credit where credit is due)

Chelsea lacked any kind of momentum in yesterdays game and from where I was watching, were completely outplayed from the off.

A big shake up is much-needed at the bridge over the summer. But should this start with the manager?  Ancelotti has been great for us this season, he has brought in two players for the future in Torres & Luiz and believes in developing a lot of the youngsters. Give Carlo the chance and I think next season we will see a lot of changes within the squad & successes.

I know this may be unpopular with some of you but we do need a clear out. Not everyone can play until they’re old and grey like Ryan Giggs. Essien has not had a great season so is likely to have a For Sale sign on his head come the end of the season as will Mikel & Malouda. Kalou has his moments but is not solid.  On the other hand, Drogba gets a lot of stick but he creates great opportunities and is always pushing the team. When he is hitting it hard, nothing can stop him. And with a bit of work and team bonding, Didier & Nando will be a strike force to be reckoned with.

The Player of the Year for me is still Cech, he really is our rock. Always available, pushing the team forward and willing to take risks. Alex should also be congratulated on a good season, he has come back from injury & instantly fitted back in. He has the maturity that Luiz lacks & will be a great role model for him & other young players.

We have now pretty much got 2nd place in the bag and it would be a great time to give some of the younger players a run out over the next few games.

Whatever happens for the remainder of the season, we have done well to come back from a terrible time over Christmas and to land two big signings.

Let’s hope Roman see’s beyond this season and keeps King Carlo in the hot seat. Maybe adding Zola in as his wingman?! That would certainly get my vote!

Clare writes for CFCnet on behalf of the excellent http://chelsea4girls.com/

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