With the summer now in full swing and players coming in, and leaving. Official CFCnet Legend, Kerry Dixon, gives us his views on Chelsea’s player movements and what he feels about England’s chances at the World Cup.

Kerry on… New signings.

Shevchenko and Ballack are magnificent signings, they’re world class players and hopefully they’ll fit into the squad and into whichever system Jose has in mind. They’re both experienced internationals and they can only be a plus for the club, there’s no doubting their class and their ability and we’re buying players at the peak of their game at the moment. As far as Kalou and Obi Mikel are concerned, yes they’re youngsters, but I’m not going to say they’re necessarily ones for the future with the amount of money spent on them, I’m sure they’re going to be part of the plan.

Kerry on… Central defence.

Robert Huth was always going to be fourth choice centre back again next season, when I say fourth choice, it’s a bit hard on him. He had three world class centre backs ahead of him and it was always going to be difficult for him, or indeed for anyone else, to break through. We have a lad called Michael Mancienne who I do believe, has a bit of room for manoeuvre if you like, within the first team squad, and could very easily develop into that fourth choice position and get one or two games for himself in the league this year. We’ve got an abundance of world class talent in that position and I hope the Gallas situation sorts itself out and he stays, certainly at least for the final year of his contract, but it certainly doesn’t surprise me that Robert Huth moved on.

Kerry on… The victory parade.

It was obviously a great day of celebration for Chelsea fans and that was what it was meant to be; A chance for the players to show off the trophy and get on the open top bus, and a chance for the fans to show their appreciation of the players efforts and have a good day out themselves, all celebrating the fact that we are Premiership champions once again. Let’s hope that it’s three in a row next season.

Kerry on… The world cup.

I’m one of the people that believe England can win the world cup, with a little bit of good fortune, which I think is well overdue for an England team in a major competition. I think we’ve got quality players, with or without Rooney, we’re still a formidable side that’s hard to beat. It’s obviously good news that Rooney could possibly play, him being fit for the latter stages would be a plus, but it’s a dangerous situation because if we do get to the latter stages then it means that Peter Crouch or someone is doing quite well and it would be a shame for them to have to come out of the team to accommodate him. Rooney is a big player, if he can be used, maybe as a substitute to begin with, we can ease him in and have a look at his fitness levels, because they won’t be the at the same level as the rest going into the tournament. So, his level of fitness remains to be seen, that said, I believe in England and I do believe we can win this world cup.

Kerry on… Potential stars.

In terms of a player emerging from the world cup and becoming a star, we look back to the only time we’ve won it before, when Geoff Hurst emerged from the shadow of Jimmy Greaves, it shows that anything can happen. Watch for Joe Cole, it wouldn’t surprise me if young Joe came out at the end of the tournament as a world renowned star.

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