With the league sewn up and the season all but over, Official CFCnet legend, Kerry Dixon, gives us his thoughts on winning the Premiership, and what may happen this summer and beyond.

Kerry on… Manchester United.

It was one of the best performances of the season, I thought that for the last league game, when we beat Everton, I was kind of hoping, in a perverse sort of way, that Man United would win at Spurs and sure enough they did.

I wanted us to win at home against United and wanted Chelsea to make a statement, we made that statement, with an excellent performance. When the best team crushed the second best team in the league 3-0, that’s a statement. It was a really good day and I was so pleased.

Kerry on… Style.

I’d like to see Chelsea continue in their winning ways and add a little bit more flair to their game at times, also to approach some of the games in a manner where we get more and more goals. Sometimes I feel we’ve done just enough in certain games, I want Chelsea to go and smash a few teams and score four or five goals, especially when we’re on top in those games.

Kerry on… Trophies.

I’m happy because we achieved our number one aim, just what we set out to do, win the Premiership. I think the Premier League is the priority again next season, when you work ten and a half months of a year, you want to come out with something at the end of it. If, every year, Chelsea are to dominate, then let’s dominate the Premiership. Next year I want three in a row and one more cup, preferably the Champions league. It’s always chance in cup competitions so let’s hope a little bit of luck goes our way to win one.

There was the opportunity to win the FA cup, which would have been the best season in our history, doing the double, but I’ll happily take back to back titles. We can’t expect to win the league; we can hope to win it. There’s still going to be teams like Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal who are going to challenge us for it.

We hope to win the league; we hope to win a cup. Next season, we hope to win all four!

Kerry on… Liverpool.

The bottom line is; I don’t think we deserved to win the game. I thought we were disappointing and I thought that Liverpool, over the 90 minutes, were the better side.
Jose came in for some criticism after the match, he possibly made a mistake because we lost, but if he doesn’t think he made a mistake then so be it.

Kerry on… Transfers.

Everyone talks of next season and it’s far too easy to start picking players for positions, after Saturday’s performance you wouldn’t have thought many! 3-0 at home to the second placed team but, we know it’s different to that, the squad possibly does need improving.

I think back to the games against Barcelona and I didn’t think we were really up for competing and I think we need to improve in certain areas. I don’t know who, I don’t know for where but whoever comes has got to want to play for Chelsea, they’ve got to fit the system and be prepared to work, and they’ll be fine.

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