The season is over bar the big one, and that is only a matter of hours away. This is the match everyone is talking about, so we caught up with Kerry Dixon to get his views on tonight’s Champions League Final, and more.

We missed out on the league, but how do you think we fared in the Premiership overall this season?

In terms of the Premiership I think it’s been fantastic considering that Chelsea have had the African Cup of Nations to contend with, and with so many injuries to key players. To actually still be in contention on the final day of the season was a great achievement, and I think we’ve done really well.

Obviously the disappointment is there for everyone to see as everyone was disappointed, but amongst all that it was nice for Avram Grant; when he went around the pitch on the lap of appreciation after the match, he finally got a song and cheers as an accolade from the Chelsea supporters, and from his point of view, I’m sure it was nice to see.

Whether he’s right or wrong, or whatever he does – he can only do his best, and he’s done his best this year in difficult circumstances. It was good that the Chelsea supporters were respectful of that in their way.

There are plenty of rumours about new players already doing the rounds, where do you think we need to strengthen?

It’s not for me to say where we need strengthening, or who needs to be brought in or moved out. Everyone in that squad will try and play their part in doing what they’re doing and it’ll be a case that, whatever changes in the squad will be down to what Avram Grant and the hierarchy decides. If Mr Abramovich decides to give him some money to spend then so be it, it’ll be up to Avram to decide what he wants to do with the players and what he doesn’t.

There will be players who’ll look back on the season and feel it’s been one of disappointment or of missed chances, and there will be others who’ll look back and feel it may be time to move on, or whatever. Hopefully the majority of the squad will be staying with the club and honouring their contracts, and if we a couple of quality signings, and I don’t know what positions to be honest as it’ll depend mostly on who’s moving out. People will always speculate about transfers and second guess who’s coming in and which players are leaving, but really it’s a case of what the manager decides, so let’s wait and see.

The big match is approaching; The Champions League Final – how do you see it panning out?

Obviously I hope we win! It was bad news on Saturday about John Terry but then I heard what he said after the game. He’s obviously fit; I couldn’t see the club allowing him in that situation to play with a break It’s going to be down to what happens on the night, and how the players perform. There’s plenty of attacking talent and there’s an array of world class defenders too, not to mention the midfield! Two excellent teams, and it will be down to who performs best on the night, it really is too close to call and could go either way.

There could still yet be a star of the season, but who was your player of the year?

I know the player of the year went to Joe Cole, but I’d have given it to Ricardo Carvalho. I think he’s been absolutely fantastic this season.

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