What is CFCnet?

Our Aims

  1. To promote Chelsea Football Club
  2. Reflect the diverse opinion of Chelsea FC’s supporters
  3. Represent our visitors on the Fan’s Forum

What is CFCnet?

Founded in 2000 with six readers, CFCnet arose out of the ashes of the Chelsea Independent fanzine which was sold on the Fulham Road from 1987 to 2000. Ten years on and CFCnet is one of the largest collection of Chelsea fans with over 100,000 unique visitors to the site each month and a mailing list of over 19,000.

1) To Promote Chelsea Football Club

The aim of CFCnet is solely to promote Chelsea Football Club, the team we have supported through thick and thin over many years. CFCnet is 100 per cent unofficial, completely independent, funded and managed by Chelsea fans for fellow Blues. CFCnet is not affiliated to any other Chelsea FC related fans’ networks, websites or organisations.

2) Reflect the diverse opinion of Chelsea FC’s supporters

CFCnet offers a feature-rich, intelligent and moderated forum for our readers to share their own personal views on all things Chelsea FC related. Our agenda is to reflect the diversity of their opinions. We are not politically motivated at all and we do our utmost to ensure that the website is ‘inclusive’ and allows all Chelsea fans to voice their opinions.

Our forum is moderated by a team of thirty volunteers worldwide who moderate in terms of response­­s for suitability and relevance to fellow Blues fans.  If a post doesn’t make it onto the forum it will usually be because:

  • (a) it didn’t contribute to the debate and/or
  • (b) it was of an offensive nature.

The views and opinions on CFCnet in no way represent the views of Chelsea Football Club. Moreover, the views and opinions within the website are not always those of CFCnet and should be attributed to the contributor. (We reserve the right to edit any material, or to exclude anything considered racist, sexist or overly offensive.)

3) Represent our visitors on the Fan’s Forum

Our only affiliation to Chelsea Football Club is a seat on the Club’s Fans Forum.  Contrary to idle conjecture, CFCnet is poorer than a church mouse and we are actively looking for a site sponsor and long term advertising

As outlined above, CFCnet represents CFCnet readers at the Chelsea Fans Forum and we do our best to both put forward the majority viewpoint and also to pass on messages to the right person within the club where possible. However, please remember that it is our visitors that set our agenda at the Fans Forum, not us.  We have dozens of requests each month from our visitors and we take them up with the club where appropriate, some get resolved, some don’t.  Just because we choose not to make things public doesn’t mean that we don’t speak and the club doesn’t listen.

As the biggest Chelsea fans website we are asked almost daily to comment on Chelsea issues and whilst we do not actively canvass media outlets, we will put forward our opinions if asked. Any views put forward will try to take into account CFCnet readers’ comments on our various forums although it is impossible to put across all views due to diversity of opinion. However, with nearly 3,000 visitors a day we feel we have a good overview of fans’ opinions across a variety of issues at any one time.

All opinion broadcast on media outlets should be attributed to the person being interviewed, not necessarily as a representative of other Chelsea supporters.

Occasionally Chelsea Football Club canvasses our opinion across pertinent issues that affect our readers.  We attempt to maintain a cooperative and realistic dialogue with the Club that allows us to put our readers’ views forward in a way that ensures a mutually beneficial and constructive relationship. We believe that constructive dialogue with the club is the best way forward. We also feel that this in everyone’s interests.

Finally, CFCnet will never please 100% of our visitors 100% of the time.  However, we have done our best to create a damn fine site that is both enjoyable to visit and fun to read. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and would prefer to simply enjoy what is undoubtedly the greatest era of the Club since its inception in 1905.