Dear Bruce,
I wonder if by the time you are reading this, Roman Abravomich will already have dispensed with your services. If not, then please do what is best for Chelsea football club and resign with immediate effect. You have made your position completely untenable with regard to your actions over the last few weeks.
As a way of recapping your downfall, let’s have a look in true Big Brother style at your ‘best bits’ over the last month.
1) Your use of the media to distort the issue of buying CPO shares was very impressive. Newspaper after newspaper contained stories saying that it was a vote on whether the fans wanted to move away from Stamford Bridge. Past and present players were wheeled out to echo this sentiment and lazy journalists lapped it all up. The notable exceptions were The Fulham Chronicle and The Independent to whom Chelsea fans should be eternally grateful for their accurate coverage.
2) Mmmm there are no other best bits Bruce. Just a catalogue of errors and misjudgements that makes me wonder how you ever managed to get your position in the first place.
In no particular order here are your failings.
1) Your offer to buy back CPO shares was insulting. Names on a brick at a new stadium, the right to buy a season ticket and our original £100 per share back. What were you thinking of ?  
2) The guarantee to only move 3 miles from Stamford Bridge before 2020 was the main clause that set alarm bells ringing amongst thousands of Chelsea fans. All you had to do was make the vote conditional on finding a new stadium that was acceptable to CPO members and you would have had a landslide ‘yes’ vote. We could then have had another vote when the new site was disclosed.
3) Labelling CPO shareholders a ‘small vocal minority’ just reinforced how out of touch you are with Chelsea fans. The SAYNOCPO campaign must have shocked you with how professionally it was run.
4) Using the 15th anniversary of Mathew Harding’s death to aid your campaign was sick. Mathew was an old school Chelsea fan and CPO shareholder who loved the club. There is no way he would have backed your failed proposal. Using the Chelsea website in that way back fired and severely weakened your arguments.
5) Your voice mails left on Mick Crossan’s phone were desperate. Did you not stop to think that this would end up in the press and just weaken your campaign even further ? I have heard that Chelsea FC have now terminated their contract with Mick’s company because he refused to be intimidated by you. If that is true, then shame on you Bruce.  
So none of it looks good does it  ? Maybe best to miss this sorry chapter out when you have time to  update your CV.  But I guess overall I’d like to finish on a note of thanks. Thanks for all your hard work in aiding the no vote. We would have struggled without you Bruce.
Ian Wood
P.S. Now it’s become clear how incompetent you are, I do wonder what other serous errors you have made in your time at the helm. Did you try and find a way of resolving the reasons why Jose left ? We’d probably have a European cup in the trophy cabinet now if he’d stayed longer. And Ray Wilkin’s departure last year; what was your role in that debacle which almost certainly cost us the title last season ?

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