Deck the halls, and all that. Here’s another little Xmas offering from us here at CFCnet Towers this festive season, the biggest and best being a new website, coming very soon. Before that happens though, we have for you a quick chat with the man and legend; Kerry Dixon.

Kerry, what did you think about the Liverpool game midweek?

Games between Liverpool and Chelsea are never a great spectacle; they’re always hard fought affairs, and always tight until the last minute. I think the sending off of Crouch certainly affected the situation.

I thought Liverpool were slightly the better side in the first half; they had a few more chances than us. I thought that Chelsea had the better possession and were the better side in the second half, but the sending off really affected Liverpool. Overall I thought we were the better side and we just about deserved it.

Sadly for Peter Crouch, who’s a Chelsea supporter, there were people, who were questioning whether he should have gone off or not, but I thought it was a definite red card.

Liverpool’s ‘famous’ supporters didn’t make much noise did they?

I thought our supporters were magnificent. Invariably it’s a tough act to follow when Liverpool supporters start singing, but Chelsea supporters really were great, really noisy, and it was nice to see near on 42,000 people in the ground for the Carling Cup.

Whether it was due to reduced prices or whatever, Liverpool took their full allocation and credit to them for coming down a few days before Christmas on a cold night in midweek, but credit also to the Chelsea supporters who I really thought were fantastic in terms of matching and bettering Liverpool’s vocal support.

Were you happy to see Ballack return to action?

I’m glad Ballack’s back, I think he’s could be an important player for us in the second half of the season. I really do. I thought that Ballack played an important part in Shevchenko’s goal against Liverpool.

The ball was coming into the box and he challenged well in the air. We’ve not had anyone recently challenging in the air and winning us knockdowns, he put the challenge in and if he wasn’t there to do so, the ball would have been cleared. He got an important touch and Shevchenko was able to drive it in low and on target, and that’s how you score goals.

Much rumour is focusing on Anelka coming in during the window, who would you like to see signed?

There’s a lot of talk about strikers but I don’t think we’ll sign anyone, I really don’t. They’re saying that Drogba will be missing, well he’s missing now! I think we’ll play with what we’ve got, and try to get through the African Nations.

If we sign a big name striker as everyone is saying we need to, whether we do or we don’t; where is he going to play when Drogba comes back? Is he going to play alongside Drogba? If so, what happens to Shevchenko? We’ll be creating problems for ourselves, so I don’t think we’ll be signing anyone.

Would you step in and play up front for six months?

I’d absolutely love to. You wouldn’t get a lot of movement, but I’ll tell you what – if they put the ball in the box there might well be someone on the end of it.

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