Ron Gourlay, Bruce Buck, Richard King, Bob Sewell….your boys took one hell of a beating. A 39% beating to be precise – the boxing equivalent of a deep blow to the solar plexus followed by an uppercut to the jaw (metaphorically speaking).

The Club must be kicking themselves because their coup d’état failed only because they couldn’t be bothered to find 13 extra people and give them £10k each to buy 100 shares in CPO.  Given the real estate value of Stamford Bridge alone is worth upwards of £500 million, that leaves the Chelsea board open to accusations of incompetence given they were firmly behind the CPO proposal.

For that reason Bruce Buck, Eugene Tenenbaum, Ron Gourlay et al must resign now.

Of more gravity is the status of Richard King, Bob Sewell and Rick Glanville.  Two of these suck at the teat (Editor’s note: tit) of Chelsea FC in some form or other (Rick Glanville is the Club historian; Richard King is the Chairman of the Peter Osgood Trust and Bob Sewell……well, is just plain Bob) yet the articles of association of CPO state firmly that CPO directors cannot work for the Club to prevent conflict of interest. Go figure.

That these same directors accepted the Club’s proposals in direct conflict of the membership they represent is a disgrace in itself.  That they never saw fit to comment on the last week of trading (more shares were sold in this period than during the previous seven years) is again an appalling lack of fiduciary oversight.

For these reasons Rick Glanville, Richard King and Bob Sewell must resign now.  If not, from what we hear, legal proceedings will swiftly follow.  After all, if the Chairman and Board don’t reflect the views of the shareholders they represent, they shouldn’t hold their positions.  I am particularly disappointed in Rick Glanville, author of some great Chelsea books but who ultimately failed to back the fan base in pursuit of his own self-aggrandisement.  Shame on you, Sir. 

 However, although the battle is won, the war is not.  In the spirit of “Why let democracy get in the way of a good plan?” the Club is poised to swing into action with Plan B.

Just 1,261 votes short of the 75% they need, the Club simply needs to find 13 people and hand them £10k each to gain 1,300 votes.

For that reason I am urging all authentic Chelsea fans to buy a share in CPO. At £100 a share they represent outstanding value and more than that, a say in how the Club is run.  Don’t forget, CPO holders own the name to Chelsea FC, the pitch and the turnstiles. These belong to us, not Roman.

If you’d like a say in the future of YOUR Club, buy a share now.  Simply click here:

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